How to use your ID card printer for the first time

id card printer

If you’ve just purchased an ID card printer, you might be wondering how to go about using it. While it’s fairly simple in setup – you simply have to unbox it and plug the power supply and USB cable from the printer to your computer, there are a couple of other things that you would need to take into consideration.

1. They’re just like regular printers

ID card printers are pretty much like regular printers! All you’ve got to do is ensure that it’s connected to power and you’re pretty much good to go.

The only difference would be the output dimensions and the features that it comes with. The type of ink it uses along with the printing supplies would also be different.

2. Make sure you’re taking care of the print head

While it is easy to replace the print head, it’s also the most expensive component of your ID card printer. To ensure that you’re not replacing your print head often, you would need to ensure that you’re:

  • Not using a pre-punched card

  • Extra careful when you’re changing the printer ribbon

You also need to regularly clean the print head, especially if you notice a long white line going across the design.

3. Regularly clean your printer

You should always clean your printer – especially after you’ve printed around 500 cards or so. This applies to all printers from ID card printers to plastic card printer machines. By cleaning your printer you’ll not only ensure that it lasts for a good period of time, but you can also extend the warranty. Here’s how you’ll go about cleaning your printer:

  • Remove all the cards and ribbons from the feeder
  • Use the cleaning card and dip it into alcohol
  • Go ahead and use a swab to clean the print head
  • Depending on the printer you might also need to replace the cleaning roller
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4. Take care of your CR80 ID cards

These cards are great at collecting dust so when you print your cards, the dust can stick under the overlay – causing it to be visible. To prevent this from happening, place your ID cards into a box or into the card feeder.

When printing, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re holding the card by its side. Do not place your finger on the card before printing or your fingerprints will get on the card.

An ID card printer that’s well taken care of can go a long way

If you take good care of your ID card printer, it can last for a good period of time. As seen from the above, it’s not difficult to use your ID card printer for the first time. Instead, it’s trickier to maintain your printer and ensure that you’re cleaning it regularly.

An ID card printer is a great investment, so it’s crucial that you’re taking the time to take care of it. By doing so, you can be assured that you’ll be printing plenty of ID cards for a good period of time.

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