How To Make Your Bathroom More Minimalist


Would you like a more functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom? This article can help you do that in a few simple steps.

Would you like a more functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom? You might want to try minimalist decor which strips away everything you don’t need from a room and instead creates more space, intention, and timelessness to its form and function.

Below, we are going to help you take your bathroom from cluttered chaos to minimalist calm, all in a few simple and easy steps:


Remove everything that you can move out of the bathroom into another space. Go through every single item and throw away everything that has gone off, is broken or empty.

Anything you want to gift could go in a box for the self storage unit from to be sorted at another time.

Anything that was gifted or bought but you know you will never use can also be removed.

You can then put aside everything you do want to keep for your bathroom ready to store. If you have excess furniture now because of all the decluttering you can gift that, sell it or place it into cheap self storage.

You’ll be surprised how much you have gotten rid of in your bathroom with just this one exercise. It is surprising how much clutter builds up in a bathroom!


Do not put the items back into your bathroom without first ensuring there is functional storage for them to be stored in. We can often create clutter because space is dysfunctional so it is important to address this issue in order to avoid more mess in the future. It may be that you can grab some boxes or bathroom furniture from your cheap self storage unit that is better suited than what you are using at the moment. The idea isn’t to have lots of storage, it is to have a lot less stuff and then intentional furniture that keeps the items you do need.

Moving Forward…

It is important to try and buy less to fill your bathroom, and if you get unwanted gifts, to gift them on rather than put them in the bathroom to be sorted at a later time. If you find you are buying more furniture to house more items that you know you don’t need, that is a sign you need to go through this process again.

For A More Aesthetically Pleasing Bathroom…

To further boost the minimalist look and function of your bathroom it is a good idea to repaint it, and design it in a way that is as stripped back as possible, whilst not being cold. Warm neutrals are good for this, as well as natural materials like wood, terracotta and stone. Plants like Mother In Law’s Tongue, monstera adansonii and spider plants are also a great addition to a minimalist bathroom, providing a splash of green and natural beauty without cluttering the space with mindless ornaments and accessories.

Using the simple steps and tips above you can enjoy a more minimalist bathroom that functions well whilst looking beautiful, stylish and clean.

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