How to Make the Most of a Business VoIP Phone System

VoIP phones

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems is now considered the best way of communication for many businesses. VoIP phones call through the Internet instead of telephone wires. You can find business VoIP plans that are able to offer a cheap and reliable phone service with more features and higher call quality than traditional phones provide.

Now before replacing your traditional phones with VoIP phones, you need to know a few things including features and small business phone system cost. Knowledge is power and without proper knowledge of VoIP systems you may end up jeopardizing your communication and even paying more. This article will help you understand basic things and you will be able to move to VoIP phones.

1. Know What You Need

You need to do thorough research. You have to find out which VoIP package meets your needs and how many employees will be making VoIP phone calls. You also need to figure out how many VoIP sets and other hardware you need. You can always find some great VoIP phone sets at Yealink Kenya.

Big companies normally prefer to have an unlimited plan so that they can call an unlimited number of customers. But you are a small business or start-up then you might need a small package. Cost-saving will be a crucial strategy for your business. So have to choose the package and hardware based on your needs.

2. Make Sure the Company Internet Connection is Up to the Task

Another must thing to have an uninterrupted VoIP service is the high-speed internet. Most of the businesses already have their own fast-speed internet. If your connection is slow then your employees won’t be able to perform their tasks effectively. Your employees might blame the VoIP phone sets but the real cause of the trouble maybe your internet connection.

A high-speed internet connection is very important for providing seamless user experience. Do everything that is required to make the connection faster.

3. Hosted or On-Site PBX?

Another thing that you need to know is the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that connects and manages multiple phone lines with multiple extensions. When you receive a call, the person on the other side gets an automated attendant that asks which department the caller would like to reach, and when the appropriate number is selected, the call goes to the appropriate department. Similarly, the outbound calls can also be managed through the PBX so that they are paired with open phone lines. This ensures the customers get a fast response without waiting in the queue.

You have the option to choose a hosted or on-site PBX. The main difference is that a hosted PBX is hosted off-site by the business VoIP provider, while an on-site PBX is directly located within the office.

4. Don’t Overspend on Hardware

VoIP phones can save a lot of money which makes many businessmen in a hurry to throw their old phones. Just make sure you check all the available resources carefully. Because in many cases the existing hardware can be very useful.

If you know any other tips for switching to VoIP that we have missed then do let us know in the comments section below.

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