How to Improve Sex without Sex Toys

how to improve sex

While sex toys are not necessarily a taboo in the modern world, the reluctance to it is still a presence. Whether being is-conceptualized as a substitute to a partner, thought as a dissatisfaction to the partner or any other reason, the adoption of sex toy into the adult routine is still objected for some.

However, sex toys are not your only option when looking to bring more excitement to your sex life. Brought to you by, here are some baby steps to take it up a notch.

1. Lingerie

Sometimes a different outfit can be greatly arousing to sexual desires. Though lingerie is not uncommon, the choosing of lingerie is readily crucial to your night. Some couples love to introduce a theme night to begin their intimate process. In other times, lingerie can strike unexpected results.

To start at a more natural stage, undergarments are recommended. Well-designed undergarments can not only enhance the body shape but also focus the attention of your partner at the right place to arouse his/her sexual desire. A see-through underwear set, for example, allows hiding under typical clothing but only revealing to your partner.

Other outlook options include stockings, body stockings, and costumes. Stocking variants are pretty self-explanatory. Costumes, on the other hand, are great for a theme night or just a surprise when your partner gets home.

And your outfit does not have to be fancy to get the job done. Very often than not, a mask might get your partner as well (just don’t choose the wrong character).

Going higher up the pleasure ladder and a bit into the sex toy category, accessories like specialized thongs can up the scale as well. Not being intrusive or imitating a sexual organ, these accessories are used in foreplay or during sex. Vibrating panties, for example, can get your partner high even when on the way home after a date night (just don’t wear it and drive). Thongs with pleasure beads offer extra sensation for both sides as the beads… you know what I mean.

2. Helpful liquids

Again, starting simple, massage oils and lubricants can be helpful with your sex life. Massage oils, in particular, help to de-stress and increase body touch before the exciting process. Taking the daily life away from your intimate time can offer more benefits than you expect. The aroma from the oils also aids the relaxing and the massage aftermath.

Lubricants are frequently considered as an aid for sex. However, lube can not only reduce friction but also increase the time of sex with lessened sensation. Despite it might vary, lubricants are some of the products that are often omitted from enhancing sex but greatly helpful.

Medicinal sprays and gels can double the fun as well. Helping with arousal and delaying ejaculation, these products can improve the sensation and lengthen the process respectively. Before actually using for sex, as a reminder, you should test the product for sensitivity on both sides to avoid mishaps during the intense process. It sounds discouraging, but it is essential to keep everyone safe.

3. Bathmate Hydromax

We all know how important it is to have the right intercourse technique but the size is still a very important factor. If you have size issues regarding the length and girth then start using Bathmate Hydromax with the method mentioned on their website.

After using it for a couple of months you will feel huge boost in your size and performance.

4. Other options?

If those above still sound too much for you and your partner, how about taking one step back to the atmosphere and your bodies?

In spite of the existence of body hairs lovers, these human growth traps bacteria and accumulates body smell. Shaving or trimming from time to time not only helps with your personal hygiene but improves your appearance to your partner. Removing those hairs are pretty much like removing the lingerie you had. If your partner is not a massive body hair lover, why not give it a try?

Regular use of lotion is helpful as well. Not just keeping your skin silky smooth, it also enhances the touch of your partner. It might not sound much. But after returning from more humid Asia, my partner did notice my better skin during our intimate time. Better skin won’t hurt. And regular sex actually helps with skin conditions. Win-win, baby!

A bath bomb can explode your sex life to an impressive extent. As mentioned in the relaxing atmosphere, a soothing bath is great to relieve both of you from life tensions and build up the sexual tension. Other scents like candles and essential oils are just as helpful as well.

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