How to Have a Healthy Life: Essential Steps to Being Healthy

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Hello readers! Who is writing this post is the tabdalowcarb team

And today we will share with you how to have a healthy life and step by step with essential tips to achieve it!

We are passionate about healthy eating and we have a blog where we share a lot of articles about refined carbohydrate-based, real food-based eating, better known as the low carb lifestyle!

First, what life is having a healthy life?

Basically, it means incorporating good daily habits thinking of having a longer life and quality of life.

That is, habits that will reflect not only on your diet but also on body and mind!

Healthy living and well-being are totally intertwined with your health care, both body and mind.

And in the next few topics, we will introduce you to essential habits for you to have a healthy life.

How to have a healthy life?

An essential step for those who want to have a healthy life: Be positive!

Sometimes people have a tendency to associate a healthy life directly with hunger, or they won’t be able to eat anything else while having a healthy life and this is totally wrong!

We need to think that healthy living is a balance, you don’t have to starve!

There is a very interesting phrase from William Bating who was known to be the first person to popularize a weight loss diet based on limiting carbohydrate intake, which we believe really works!

The phrase reads as follows: “I can confidently say that the amount of food in a diet can be left to your natural appetite, and it is only the quality of this diet that is essential for curbing and curing obesity.”

It leads us to a very interesting conclusion.

For normal people like you and me, controlling the amount of food is irrelevant when it comes to weight loss or healthy living, eating too little or starving yourself on a diet won’t get you anywhere! And there are several studies that prove this

The reality is, you stop eating a lot of processed foods and eating real food

Real food is nothing more than prioritizing real food, that is, foods that nature itself offers us and are rich in nutrients.

By eating better, you will naturally begin to eat less effortlessly, only as a result of improving the quality of your diet.

Always remember: The problem is not in quantity but in quality.

8 Tips for Healthy Living

When we talk about healthy living, we relate only to our body and diet, but it is essential to keep in mind that our brain is also a muscle and we need to exercise and take care of it as well as our body to have a healthy life!

Healthy Living Tip # 1: Meditation

For a long time, people have been researching the health benefits of meditation. And today, many studies have found that morning guided meditation as a habit, without the need for any religion, has several benefits:

  • Helps relieve discomfort and
  • Improves quality of life for patients with chronic pain, insomnia, cancer, and depression.
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your focus and presence on daily activities.
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Helps in quality sleep (which is also essential for a healthy life)

In addition to boosting immunity, relieving your stress, increasing your focus and present presence and many other benefits

Healthy Living Tip # 2: Gratitude

Gratitude is essential in every respect. It transmits very pleasant and satisfying energy simply because you are “grateful”, look at that simple thing!

Tony Robbins, personal development professional says gratitude and sadness don’t coexist just as gratitude and fear don’t coexist

That is, it is impossible for you to be in a state of gratitude for what you have while being sad or afraid.

When we put ourselves in a state of gratitude we realize that we cannot be afraid or sad at the same time.

But the real challenge is that we exercise this, although it is such a simple thing, we fail to enter into a state of gratitude even for 1 minute a day.

The way you take care of your mind reflects how your body develops, and the way you take care of your body reflects how your mind develops.

Healthy Living Tip # 3: Have a Purpose

On the hardest days, it is essential that you have a life purpose greater than anything. You have to have a purpose that makes you smile, that gives you a reason to get out of bed every day and pick it up hard until you reach it.

After all, without a purpose, what would be the reason we are living here, if not to achieve our goals, dreams and our purpose here on earth?

Everyone can find yours because, just look inside yourself, analyze yourself and know

Because when you need it most, it’s your purpose that will keep you going!

Healthy Living Tip # 4: Physical Activity

Physical activity is recommended two to three times a week, depending on the person, for about 30 minutes a day.

By practicing physical activities you get benefits such as:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Weight loss aid
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Strengthening healthy bones, joints, and muscles

And besides all this, the practice of physical activity promotes mental and physical well-being, which is what we are looking for here, right?

And all of these benefits can be achieved with just 1 month after regular physical activity, whether walking, weight training, gym, running, dancing, martial arts or even skipping rope.

Healthy Living Tip # 5: Maintaining Sleep

With each passing day, more and more studies prove that sleep has a restorative and essential power for us!

A study by the American Sleep Academy has shown that having a quality of sleep besides restoring energy is a secret to longevity.

The survey was conducted with 2,800 people, and 46% of respondents who said they were not satisfied with their health had a poor quality of sleep.

Of all the researches that exist the average sleep always varies between 6 to 8 hours a day.

So ideally you sleep by this average!

Healthy Living Tip # 6: Maintain Good Hydration

We could not go through these tips without mentioning our dear water, right?

After all, our body is made up of 70% of it and it participates in virtually all the functions of our metabolism, so we need to ingest it always!

Good hydration also has several benefits for us, such as:

  • Improve kidney function
  • Decrease swelling
  • Prevent the appearance of famous kidney stones
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves bowel function

And many other benefits

Doctors recommend drinking about 2 liters of water a day

Healthy Living Tip # 7: Be Good With Yourself!

Mental health is nothing but being good about yourself and other people.

We must accept our living conditions and thank them for them! Whether they are bad or good, we must remember that all are phases!

Recognize our limits, seek help when needed, and work on our self-awareness and self-esteem for a better life.

Love more, live every moment the best way possible, after all, life is beautiful, we must only know how to enjoy the best of it!

Healthy Living Tip # 8: Healthy Eating

As we mentioned above, food control is irrelevant to healthy living.

For years and years have passed us that message that healthy eating is eating little but is far from being based on that!

In my view, healthy eating is leaving industrialized foods aside and focusing on real food (foods that nature itself offers us)

When you eat better, you will start eating less without even noticing or straining

Simply As A Natural Consequence Of Improving The Quality Of Your Diet

Bonus Tips for Including All These Habits in Your Life

First I need to tell you that you should avoid implementing all habits at once.

There are spikes in motivation, such as You may be at a peak of great motivation after reading this article and wanting to apply everything you read. But tomorrow this whole peak of motivation can go down the drain

I’ve been through this myself, all in fact!

It is normal for us humans not to be motivated every day, after all, motivation and willpower work just like a muscle, they can get tired after being used!

The best strategy for you to implement all 8 of these habits is to start with one habit at a time and increase in small doses.

I suggest that you try to evolve these habits every day if only 1% per day, better done than not!

If you end your day by being 1% better than yesterday, you can be sure that your day is already worth it!

And don’t give up if you relapse, it’s normal for us human beings to procrastinate

Or sometimes there may even be a situation that causes you to relapse or stumble, but always be prepared for them!

The tip I give you here is: Always think long term

Long-term thinking always wins, whether in business, the stock market, financial or personal, that’s a fact!

If you evolve 1% every day in 100 days you will have evolved 100%, look how cool!

To recap everything …

Have a higher purpose, put health and fitness as a priority, everything stems from your health, if you are not healthy your relationships will be bad, your work will be bad

So give the priority health needs to have

Take at least 1 minute a day to be grateful and thank you for everything you have that will overflow positive energies!

Eat real food, stop eating too much-processed food, that’s a lot of food poisoning

Feed on food that nature itself offers us and you will see the thousands of benefits it will bring you

Be good with yourself, maintain good hydration and sleep

Anyway folks, we could see that having a healthy life only brings benefits. What are you waiting for to renew your lifestyle and be healthy?

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