How To Handle Your Smart Phone


Smartphones require a delicate yet firm touch.

When I held my smartphone for the first time, it took me at least ten tries to register an email account by using the keypad. I could not get the hang of how to type on the little slide-out keyboard. As I talked to an amused store clerk, who was assisting me and also doing his best to hold back his laughter, I must have moved several icons far away from their original screens or into the trash. I also pressed several phone numbers but, luckily, did not accidentally contact anyone.

Once I arrived home and tried to learn about the phone, I kept hitting the volume bar or the camera button and continued to move icons to different screens. It took quite a while for me to learn how to handle the phone gently. I have the following tips for new (or current and aggravated) smartphone users.

Touching And Holding Your Smart Phone

Start by treating the phone like a card-deck-shaped egg. A firm yet light grip is sufficient.

Remember where the outside buttons are, and keep your fingers and fingertips between them, so you don’t accidentally raise the volume, or take mysterious photos of your feet.

Don’t touch the screen unless you are making a call or using an application. Your phone should have a screen lock, but in the event you have just unlocked it, hold the phone on the sides away from the buttons, preferably until the screen locks again, so you don’t call anyone who might be mystified as to why you’re not answering.

Typing Without Aggravations

If you have a phone without a slide-out keyboard, be patient. Type with a finger that feels comfortable, or with the least amount of surface area, such as your pinkie.

Phones with slide-out keyboards require a light touch. Pressing too hard may create a series of words that look like this: “whyyyyyyyy did uuuuuu call meeee?” Typing too fast with too much confidence, without paying attention to space and send and directional keys, may mean incomplete text messages, or long spaces between words.

Scrolling Through Menus And Selecting Items

Scrolling also requires a light touch. Flick gently, rather than pressing down and moving the screen, especially when looking through contacts. Perhaps you’d like to call a friend and see what they’re doing for the evening; firm pressure might mean an inadvertent chat with your dentist’s office, or with a relative who might want to catch up on everything that happened since last Christmas.

Gently tap, rather than press, on most screens. Pressing may move or delete icons, or bring up more menus.

Preventing Damage To Your Phone

Sooner or later, you may damage your phone. To minimize this possibility, have a place for it, such as away from the edge of a table or nightstand, perhaps in a small container. While out and about, keep it in a purse or bag, ideally in its own section or pocket.

Install Tracking Apps

Another important thing that you need to do with your smartphone is installing a tracking app like Spyfone. This app will help you track the location and other important information about your phone. This is a very important thing to do when you want to make your data and phone secure.

Treat Your Phone Like An Egg

In order to handle your smartphone well, treating it like an egg is the best trick: where would you place an egg, or how would you move it around? Make sure your phone is always safe and away from anything that could crush it or cover it. Don’t put it in a position where it could fall or drop.

By using a gentle touch and having a safe place for your smartphone, you can minimize the possibilities of lost or missing icons, awkward interactions with friends and family on your contact list, and damaging the delicate shell and interior of the phone.

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