How to Find Jobs in Karachi

How to Find Jobs in Karachi

These days finding jobs is not an easy task because of unemployment rate increase in Pakistan as per the Government of Pakistan The Data unemployment rate was 6.2% in 2019 and now its claimed up to 6.2% in the year 2020. Nowadays COVID-19 strikes the Pakistan economy so the unemployment rate shot up to double (approximately). So in this scenario finding a job is very tough. Normally candidates relay on newspaper old and absolute method and it’s gradually moving to online news also means that people are relying on the classifieds section of their local newspaper to search for jobs, and the response rate is much lower when candidate reply on newspaper. It’s simply easier for jobseekers to apply for vacancies online than often having to browse through hundreds of ads in a newspaper before finding something even remotely interesting or related to their field.

Due to economy Shrinking and COVID-19 Pakistan had witnessed huge layoffs in recent months.  Due to the safety measures taken by the Government of Pakistan for COVID-19   estimated that more than one million people will lose jobs and many more will get salary deductions. Silent staff cost-cutting is going on in the country,” 3 to 3.5 million fresh candied inducted in the employment market. This unemployment phenomenon hits Pakistan’s job market and its impact will be grated in Pakistan’s biggest job market which is Karachi and finding a job in Karachi becomes difficult. 

For generations of Job opportunities in Pakistan government should implement its low-cost five-million housing scheme in true letter and spirit. This will help out other allied industries which are more than 40 to 45 like paints cement steel and bricks.

This will help to find the majority of job seekers to find jobs that are unskilled labor. Also, the Government must come up with plans to improve skills development and improved workforce skills through skilled development programs.

Another major employment project in Pakistan is CPEC. As per CPEC center 58 percent of the labor force employed in the construction phase. It is claimed by the Pakistan Government that CPEC is a game-changer and it creates employment opportunities in Pakistan.

Normally a high number of jobs created in the big metropolitan area and big cities where a number of job opportunities are much higher than rural areas.  Major employment opportunity has created in Pakistan’s big cities e.g. Karachi Lahore Islamabad.

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and having pollutions 1.70 million and also have a port which amicable Pakistan to rest of the world. Due to a port city, Karachi is an import-export business hub and almost generates 60% revenue from Pakistan. The WB (World Bank) acknowledged Karachi as the most business originated city of Pakistan inexpensive city in the world. These futures enable Karachi’s job to generate plenty of job opportunities. Major Industry of Pakistan located in Karachi. Industry and commerce in Karachi major economic activates in the country. Industry amicable Karachi of production goods and services and creation of Jobs.

Finding a job in Karachi

Your resume is your advertisement you have to create your resume which can highlight your skills and experience strengths which can grab the attention of the recruiter. The recruiter has to go through thousands of so your resume should be caught which can skim thoughts hundreds of resume and get a chance. So write your resume like a professional resume writer to get written by a professional writer or agency. Furthermore, many websites are giving resume writing services and many other websites are giving tips for writing a good resume. Basically resume is a comprehensive summary of your skills and experience

Get your resume ever ready for a job interview and don’t change it fervently. As its notice by many HR Manager, many candidates change their resume at the last movement and add and removing skills and experience which creates confusion for themself during the interview.

Think about your industry

Karachi is a massive city in terms of the number of industry and commerce situation in Karachi. While job hunting candidates should target his industry and focus on it. Start visiting all websites related to his target industry and keep eye on career portal with his selected industry filter. Karachi is also considered as a hub for industry and economy in Pakistan.

Registration of Job Portal Job Website

Many job portal and job websites and jobseekers and getting benefits from them. The job portal facilities job seeker and job providers to connect with each other. Career okay job portal is one of them which have plenty of job especially jobs situated in Karachi like full-time jobs, part-time jobs in Karachi, hr jobs, and finance jobs, and so on. They are keeping the data base of employers and employees and amicable them. Moreover, LinkedIn also providing free services like social connecting of jobseeker and recruiters. For LinkedIn, it is mandatory to make your profile and remains actives.

Company Website

Large international and Multinational companies publish their job on their own website. They prefer to get hire candidates from directly either than from third party websites. Sometimes they need to get hire candidates in a short period of time for that they use a database of career portals like Career Okay and others to search for suitable candidates.

Do not lose Hope

This is very important for a candidate who is searching for a job. It is true to get a job is quite hard but he must be hoping for his future. In all big plans of life, there is always something good and waiting around the corner. This is by far the most important of them all.

A candidate should keep in his mind that thing big happened over the night he must be patient. It’s happened in practical life, a candidate is selected but due to some administrative issue HR department is not approaching him.

Build your Network

More than 50% of jobs in corporate worked got to someone inside the company or from an employee referral. So it is necessary for job seekers to build his link.

Attend Career and Job Fairs

Candidate must visit around job and career fairs which is helped by Universities and multiannual companies. If a candidate can’t make the timing work, try to participate in some professional events, many of which can be found online at sites like Eventbrite or Meetup.

 Prepare for Interview

Always keep preparing for your interview and try to set mock Interviews with yourself and ask the expected question to yourself. The candidates must have plenty of knowledge about his applied job and as well as about company and industry. The dress code must be above according to his job interwove.


Luckily, the job market in Karachi is fairly active. With opportunities spanning in the many industries and job roles, it can seem easy to find a position that’s a perfect fit, however, competition can be stiff. To compete with other candidates you should go ahead by following the above-given point strictly best of luck!

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