How to Decorate your Living Room with Cushions


Soft furnishings are one of the coziest and most affordable ways of updating your living room! Whether you’re looking to up the comfort factor with throw pillows, rugs, blankets, or knitted textile accents, there are a few tips that are going to help you create the best space possible. Keep reading to discover just how to decorate your living room with cushions and soft furnishings…

Take a Step Back

Before you rush to buy anything, take a step back, and have a good look at your living room as a whole. We’ve all fallen victim to being obsessed with an item in-store, only to bring it home and to find out that it doesn’t work with what you’ve got going on, at all. Take a breath, take a step back, you won’t regret taking a couple of extra minutes before spending your hard-earned money.

Get Inspired

Once you’ve got a great understanding of your living room as a whole, you can start taking a look at the endless amount of amazing home out there! Hop online or flip through your favorite interior magazines to get a healthy dose of inspiration to get you started on your journey. This extra step will give you the effect that you really want, so it’s well worth it in the long run!

Consider your Colour Scheme

Creating a color scheme or adding to the one that you already have in your living room is a great way of directing your search and winding up with a home that has a beautifully refined, professional edge. This can be as refined or as wild as you like it to be. Factor in your personality and the conditions that you feel happiest in. If you and your family love all things color and brightness, then a blank white space is definitely not going to feel right. Instead, gather a cacophony of rich colors and contrasting patterns to inject life and personality into space. Maybe you’re more into a zen atmosphere where you can totally chill out and feel fresh? In that case, a restricted palette of three or four neutrals will be best. Focus on textures instead of varying colors when shopping for your soft furnishings to keep the space nice and cozy.

Work Within your Pre Existing Style

Don’t forget about the furnishings that you already put the hard work into the styling! Switching up a home doesn’t have to mean running out and buying all new interiors. Build on the general design direction that you’ve got going on to add to your home instead of stripping it and changing everything. Soft furnishings should enhance, not necessarily transform.

Mix it Up

Mix and match your pillow sizes for a plush and intriguing interior that’s lovely for relaxing in. Pairing small with big and adding a few different shapes, playful or simple, will amp up the easy-going family atmosphere within your living room.

Source: 1825 Interiors

Incorporate Different Textures

As touched on above, mixing different textures is great for embellishing a space in a subtle and sophisticated manner. Look for pillow covers cut from smooth, silky, chunky knit and embellished fabrics for an interesting and comfortable living room, no matter what colors or style you’ve chosen to have in your home.

Switch With the Seasons

There’s nothing wrong with changing alongside the seasons, we do this in most other areas of our lives, after all! Swapping out your pillows, rugs, and throws to work with the weather will make your home functional and comfortable all year round. This is also very cost-effective as accessories are nowhere near as expensive as new furniture.

Enjoy Yourself!

Lastly, ensure that you’re actually enjoying your styling process and not taking things too seriously. It should be fun, they’re only pillows, after all!

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