How to Choose The Best Shapewear That Works?


Body shapers, such as shapewear or corset, can help you lose weight or hide imperfections in the desired area of the body. This type of corset dates back to the 16th-century in the US.

If you are going to be the first-time user of shapewear, this article will help you find out what to consider before buying. 

How to Spot a Good Shapewear

New body shapers are based on the same concept that was already used centuries ago with the invention of the corset: How can it make the body look better? If you want to shape your bust, belly, thighs, or buttocks, some basic principles will help you choose the one that fits you.

#1 Choose a price range that you are willing to pay

Shapewear is available in the market for a low price. However, if you are willing to invest in quality, we suggest you go to some reputable department stores or online stores. There, you will find not only better-quality fabrics but also better results after use. You will also find a customer service who can professionally advise the best fit shapewear for you.

#2 The firmness of the shapewear

Shapewear is available in all varieties of hardness, from very soft to very rigid. The greater the hardness, the higher the difference it will make. This is because the shapewear can hold greater force. As a result, it will also be tighter. 

You must decide whether or not you want a rigid shapewear. There is some types of shapewear with the interior filled with thick bands of plastic or metal (such as the rings of the fasteners) that make the fabric stiffer. This allows the shapewear to shape the waist and stomach better. Unfortunately, it are more uncomfortable because it restricts the movement of your body.

#3 Consider the coverage of the shapewear you are looking at

If you are looking to shape a single area of the body, the shaping coverage should not a problem. However, if you want to control multiple zones, you usually need numerous types of shapewear. Some products are suitable for the thighs and buttocks only, while others cover the buttocks and stomach.

#4 Can you move freely with that? 

The comfortability is the most critical aspect of choosing the best shapewear. If possible, it is essential to test the piece and see how it affects the appearance and shape of your body. 

You should pay attention not only to what it does for the shaped area but also to what happens at the point where the shapewear ends. Perhaps, your belly looks flatter. However, has the shapewear created a bump on your hip? Have it created anti-aesthetic bumps? 

It is always good to try it on before buying it. If it is an online store, you need to consult the company as they will know what size might best suit you.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, if the shapewear does not fit your body as you expected, you should be able to return it. Therefore, check whether the store has a good return policy or not. We suggest you check out Sayfut

This online store has served its global customers since 2018. What we like about this company is that they are specialized in selling shapewear. Therefore, they have all that it takes to present you with the best custom advice to get your best fit shapewear. As of today, the company has branched to the USA and Europe, as well. 

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