How IoT Solutions Are Changing the Elevator Tech


The Internet of Things or IoT devices permit more granular lighting and HVAC control, but at the same time, they evolve towards a new direction. Lately, IoT device management focused on making elevators and escalators less labor-intensive. And this happened because IoT can allow devices to manage large streams of performance data and use such information to establish requirements and potential failures in a smart building.

Thus, one of the leading smart building solutions you will see today is about elevator technology. IoT solutions implementation for vertical transportation proves to be extremely efficient and can offer a secure and reliable medium for controlling this versatile piece of equipment. Still, nowadays, IoT-enabled elevators can offer even more, as shown down below. 

1) IoT solutions for elevators offer in-depth data about operating conditions

One of the significant advantages of using this smart building solution is that elevator IoT devices can quickly gather data. Of course, this depends on the elevator manufacturer and model, but IoT device management is believed to be efficient for analyzing and secure smart buildings depending on the status of:

  • Critical safety circuits;
  • Load weighing;
  • Number of trips and door cycles;
  • Traffic trends;
  • Acceleration, jerk, bumps, vibrations, or other issues related to an elevator functionality.

2) Smart building solutions for elevators get you remote access to diagnostic and troubleshoot features

IoT device management is excellent for having access at all times to insights about a device’s status. Thus, IoT solutions for elevators can provide a continuous stream of data that permits the diagnosis of issues before arriving at the site. This saves a lot of time on testing, as the maintenance crew will be prepared to tackle the problem with the aid of pre-existing data.

3) Smart building IoT is all about real-time notification

No matter what intelligent building solutions you implement, you will benefit from real-time notifications. And this is the case with IoT solutions for elevators, too. Remote monitoring and diagnostics can identify building problems as soon as they start. This offers a more secure environment and allows for better maintenance approaches. 

So, where do you find IoT solutions tailored for elevator management?

If you are interested in the smart elevator trend, you most likely seek to identify a reliable provider of smart building solutions. Rest assured, we have the best provider of IoT device management on the market. We encourage you to try the services available at Robustel, the leading manufacturer of industrial quality solutions based on IoT technology. Their award-winning portfolio speaks for themselves, and we can safely say that this is the most professional and reliable manufacturer for smart building IoT.

The IoT solutions for elevator management at Robustel are created to obtain in-depth data from elevators and their operating environment. This is meant to establish a useful preventive and predictive task, that ultimately will diminish maintenance costs and lower failure rates. The smart elevator solution proposed by Robustel comes in the form of a sensor box and management platform that creates the most efficient smart elevator solution. This is great for:

  • Remote management and monitoring;
  • In-depth data statistics analytics;
  • Real-time fault alarming;
  • Proper maintenance supervision;
  • Emergency response to safety issues.

Of course, the IoT device management proposed by Robustel comes with a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Outbound and inbound internet access for designed elevator controllers and sensors;
  • Reliable VPN features;
  • VoLTE services;
  • Integrated sensors created with the best alerting tech;
  • An included firewall that allows the usage of IoT solutions even in complex networks;
  • Failure mode options.

The recommended product for IoT solutions for elevators is the R3010, which comes with an impressive set of features:

  • 2G/3G/4G cellular network Support
  • Support always online and connect according to needs
  • Various interfaces: RS232/CAN/RS485/Console/USB/Ethernet/FXS
  • RS485 serial port supports BACnet protocol
  • Support voice communication
  • Support IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, DMVPN
  • Support Modbus RTU/ASCII converts to TCP
  • Built-in real-time clock, software watchdog
  • Support message, telephone, and reboot at regular time
  • Support e-mail and message event alert
  • RobustOS + SDK + App
  • Equipped with the third-party management platform, to realize real-time processing and analysis, real-time fault warning
  • Management via SMS/Web/CLI/SNMP/RobustLink Cloud
  • Robust industrial design (9 to 26V DC, desktop, wall or DIN rail mounting)
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