How does e-cigarette works?

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Almost all of us have witnessed deaths caused due to lung cancer. And we extract one of the reasons causing this is the excessive intake of tobacco. A Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, felt dejected after the death of his father due to lung cancer and after his great loss, in 2003 he devises a non-tobacco, smokeless cigarette which came to be known as e-cigarette/e-cig. The idea is the creation of this device was to provide a safe and clean alternative to a regular cigarette.

In contrast with regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes are powered by a battery. It does not produce any kind of smoke, and a person using it simply inhales the vaporized nicotine. This vaporized nicotine is formed when the battery is powered on which makes the liquid nicotine, inside it, converted into vapors or mist. Most of the people consider e-cigars to be very effective alternative assistance for quitting or reducing smoking.  Vaper Choice, the best vape supply shop in Australia, gained its popularity by selling the most reliable e-cigarette at very affordable prices. Replacing your regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes perhaps reduces the dangerous process of burning tobacco and producing nicotine as smoke. While e-cigarettes contain three main components, a lithium battery, a vaporizing chamber, and a cartridge. Let’s take a look at how these components actually work.   

Components and working:

The first part is the rechargeable lithium battery. This battery is attached to a vaporizing chamber also known as an atomizer. When the battery is powered on, it activates the atomizer which contains liquid nicotine in it. This liquid nicotine is then heated to produce vapors in a cartridge. After inhaling these vapors a cloud of smoke, resembling heavy fog, exhales out from the mouth. When a person starts inhaling these vapors, the LED light on the other end indicates green. This LED light turns red when the battery is low.

Buying E-Cigarette:

Due to the increasing tradition of using e-cigs, the market of e-cigarette gained much profit. In 2018 the market worth 11.26 billion USD and estimated 18.16 billion USD by 2024. It contains a wide range of products which seemed to be more attractive with its cool looks. They also have the best rated electronic cigarettes starter kit at a very affordable price. Their premium starter kits ranging from 50 $ to 170 $ and with very elegant colors and designs. Their mini pod vapes start from 30 $ to 160 $ and portable. Their best seller includes Vaporesso Luxe-S Starter Kit range from 114.99 $ to 115 $

Electronic cigarettes as compared to the traditional cigarettes are cheaper because the cartridges in it last more than a traditional cigarette pack. The Vaper Choice also contains a wide range of atomizers and cartridges. These cartridges can also be refilled and can be used for a long time. One of the reasons for the wide increment in the usage of e-cigs is health concerns, as e-cigs are considered to be less toxic than traditional cigarettes. The best atomizer in their list is UWELL Valyrian II Tank range from 60 $ to 65$.

They have a variety of electronic cigarettes nicotine liquid. Their flavors possess the perfect taste of quality and worth paying. Their electronic juice formulated without harmful chemicals that refresh the user and fulfill the need for smoking. The flavors taste appears to be natural and satisfying.

Along with this, they also have rechargeable batteries and chargers for their customers. You can find any accessories for your electronic cigarette at a very reasonable price with good quality.

Healthy or injurious to health?

According to the study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, proves that the use of e-cigs is more reliable as compared to traditional cigarettes. This study shows that people switching to e-cigs witnessed significant improvement in vascular health, proving e-cigs as a healthy alternative of traditional cigarettes.

As the usage of e-cigs is common in youth, it affects their brain development. The reason behind this is the high consumption of nicotine which makes a person addicted to it. This addiction leads to severe diseases like lung cancer.  

It’s not possible that an alternative comes with good sides only. There may have harmful effects, as well. Nicotine consumption is considered as a safe alternative of tobacco, but on the other hand, it also makes a person addicted to it.  A research carried out by PNAS that e-cigarette cause lung cancer and increment in epithelial cells in the bladder of mice.

How to classify e-cigs as good or bad?

As these products are using all over the world, it’s gaining popularity among the people and specifically youth, which is not so good. The involvement of a country’s youth in such things affects the progress of a country. Authorities must try to classify e-cigs to restore country progress. If this were not controlled, it would be used commonly in public places which might be not good.

While regulating these issues, two types of thoughts are encountered. The first thought is in favor as it has replaced the use of traditional cigarettes which not only harm the person using it but also affect the surrounding people. While e-cigs are way better than traditional cigarettes.  The second thought is totally against electronic cigarettes because according to social ethics, the activities that harm people should not be acceptable. And Electronic cigarettes have not yet proven to be safe.


At last, replacing things takes time as everything possesses some good side and a bad side in itself, people must opt for the best one that is good. Electronic cigarettes are a good option for those who are chain smokers and addicted to smoking. Because of its reusability and less toxicity as compared to cigarettes with tobacco, it is considered a safe and clean way of smoking. Studies also proved that electronic cigarettes as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes. For making it attractive, electronic cigarettes are designed in such a way that it resembles the conventional cigarettes. The modern electronic cigarettes look like pens and pipes, designed in such a way that attracts the user.      

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