Easy to Start At Home Business Ideas For Retirees

retiree business ideas

Whenever someone is retired, they usually want to spend the rest of their lives lounging in their living and being lazy. However, many retired people are not ready to give up working daily, or they just cannot afford to quit working due to financial restrictions. Working a regular job after being retired is not only difficult to do for seniors, but it can also be difficult to get one.

A better option would be to turn all the experience gained in a lifetime and use it to set up a business from home. A home-based business is a great idea for retirees as it allows great flexibility and freedom to do anything; however, they like to. A home-based business can be operated from any part of the world as you just need a few things to accomplish it.

It was stated, in research, that companies feel reluctant to hire people that are over 55 years, and that has led to people of that age becoming entrepreneurs and starting their businesses from scratch. If you are someone who is an adult and just retired, there are many home-based business options available to you that you can start from the comfort of your home. You only require a computer and an online website at the start to set up a business that can be operated from any mobile device or computer wherever you may be located, in the world. Although, it would be a good idea to start local and expand once you get the funds required. Also, consider doing some retirement planning to stay ahead of the curve and use the money to set up your business. Today, we will list some home-based business options you can consider doing if you are retired. They are listed as follows;


Just because you have retired does not mean that your skills and knowledge have also left. It is a good idea to start home-based coaching or consulting business and use whatever knowledge and skills you have acquired to make a good profit. Consultations can be done, from the comfort of your home; all you need is just a computer and an online conference tool like skype. Or you can do the consultation session by visiting your clients at any local coffee shop.

Different types of coaching can be done, with individuals for life coaching or for strategic planning to run a business. Consultation is mostly done for business strategies or improving sales or productivity. To get the start, you can use the network you created over a long career. It is as simple as contacting a former colleague and asking to give help.


Content writing is the easiest form of business you can do from home. You might have some stories to share that you have amassed over a period and people usually like writing about it. If you are a glorified retired accountant, people would be interested in hearing what your input is and what you experienced during your long successful career.

You can also consider writing a novel or a book based on your work experiences to help start-up out on what to do to run a successful business. Whether you decide to write online using a computer or something as simple as a piece of paper and pen, there are many options available to you to do from home.

Service-Based Business

Nearly any skill or knowledge you have can be used and can be converted, into something successful. Selling these skills and knowledge through a business run from home is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start earning money from anywhere around the world.

Any service-based task-like being a virtual assistant, bookkeeping, handyman, and writing- can be done from home and turned into a successful business. Just like coaching or consulting, you can contact any one of your ex-colleagues and ask them to offer your help. You have to start somewhere, right?


Maybe you have stuff lying around the house that is collecting dust but is valuable enough to be sold for a profit. You can either sell this stuff on eBay and Craigslist and get some well-deserved cash for the hard work you have done before retirement. If you see that certain items sell well, you can find their sources at fairs and flea markets, buy them, start a small eBay store, and sell them for a nice profit.

You can also use Amazon as they offer a fulfillment service where you send them the items you want to sell, and they take care of the shipment process. If you have a hobby of making arts and crafts and you are good at it, you can utilize this skill and sell the items you make on Etsy for a good profit.

Furthermore, you can set up a small clothing shop on eBay as well. You will have to contact manufacturers, like in China, as they give very good wholesale prices, and ask them to make t-shirts and pants for you which you can later sell on your eBay store. It is not all about selling used items, and you can create your item with the skills and knowledge you have and sell them on any type of online store to make a profit sitting in the comfort of your home.

Audio/Video Production

If you are someone who has worked in a production house and just recently retired, you can use these skills to set up an audio/video production house from your home. If you are someone who has never dealt with this type of work, you can look through online courses and do one that suits you best. You can also visit local collages and technical universities and see what type of courses they offer in media sciences.

Also, consider getting familiar with computer software that is related to audio and video editing. There are many computer software available online that can be downloaded and used to achieve such a goal. Visit YouTube and look at tutorials on how to use said software to gain some good knowledge. Also, consider partnering up with ex-colleagues to release some burden that might get placed on you.

The Final Words

It is all about what suits you best and what can be easier for you to do at home. Starting a business from scratch can be a difficult thing to do, especially for retirees. However, it is all about persistence and using the time you have at home and turn it into something productive to earn some well-deserved money. Sitting ideal at home can reduce productivity and make you lazy, so the best thing to do would be to start a home-based business. As it will be your business, you will be your boss and answer to no one. So it is a good idea that you take all the things you have learned during a long career and turn it into some money. Today, we have shared with you some business ideas for retirees that they can do from their homes. If you just recently retired, you should consider and weigh these options.

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