Health and Intimacy in 2021

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Health is now more than ever in the center of our New Year resolutions. After the challenging year 2020, we all wish that the overall health situation in the world in the 2021 year will be much better. The pandemic of a Covid-19 is reminding us that we are fragile and that the most important thing in our lives is health. They say that the healthy person has 1000 wishes, and the person with health issues has only 1 wish. To be healthy.

Probably one of the most difficult years in our lives turned out to be 2020 and it didn’t only affect our physical health, but also mentally. One of the safety measures for keeping Covid-19 away from us is social distancing. Not only that we can’t travel, go to bars and restaurants, that we have to keep a 2-meter distance between ourselves, but we also have to literally socially distance from other people. This means that we are advised not to hang out with the closest ones in order to protect them and us. Today we are not going to talk about whether those measures or precautions are right or wrong, we are just stating it as a fact that is happening to all of us. As a side effect of these measures, we are not able to meet new people, to start a new romance or relationship, or in many cases, we are also not able to keep and sustain healthy relationship with our existing partner if we have. We are under long-term and highly intoxicated stress, we are constantly in fear of getting sick or we are in fear for our loved ones, so we begin to close ourselves and back away from everything that used to make us happy and satisfied.

Ofcourse our love life and our intimacy is in danger or at least it is not as it used to be, at least in many cases, possible even a majority of cases. So what should we do?

The first thing we should do, always look on the bright side of life. This is probably the most important thing, to keep our spirit up, to be positive. We have to realize that everything has its beginning and its end, and so is this pandemic situation. Things will get better, we will have normal lives again and we will enjoy our lives again. This is the fact. It has always been like that, after the rain there is always sun. So, instead of repeating how hard it is, or constantly helping yourself to be more depressed, realize that you can do little things that make you happy. If you have a partner and you are under a lockdown, watch a movie together, play some interesting game together, cuddle, tell each other how you are happy to have each other, engage in intimacy. It is never the wrong time to be a good person, to show your loved one that you care about him/her, and to engage in beautiful intimate moments.

A few days ago, a friend of mine had a birthday, but he was very sad that he can’t have a big birthday party he used to have. But still, few of us got on a Zoom and even though we weren’t together in the room, we were still together with him online and mentally. It really meant to him a lot, and yes it is not the same as it used to be, but it is still great. We drank a glass of wine (yes each one did it alone in his room), we were laughing about this awkward situation and we actually had a great time. Yes, it was not perfect, but it was great. We didn’t allow depression or pessimism to hit us, and the lesson was that you always have to take out the best of you can. We have sent him an interesting gift called Kamagra Oral Jelly. It is actually the worlds leading treatment for getting a strong and long erection. We have bought it because we wanted to give him something unique and we thought it would actually be funny, but it turned out to be very handy. Of course, he was surprised and was laughing about it, but he tried it the first night with his girlfriend. He said that this was the best intimacy he ever had and asked me where we bought it. He was so surprised that it actually worked, because he was sure he didn’t need it and that it probably doesn’t even work. All in all, he and his partner are amazed about their new discovery, they are looking optimistic forward to future intimacy moments and they are already telling us that this is a sign that 2021 will be a much better year than the previous one.

Make sure, you don’t forget that the better times are around the corner, and keep the spirit up. If everything is not perfect in your life, you can always order some Kamagra products and spice your love life, and at least you will have amazing intimacy with your loved one.

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