Habits Which Will Make Your Personality More Effective

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Every person wants to become a better version of themselves. The struggle goes on continuously throughout our lives, whether it’s quitting the habits that we don’t like or acquiring the ones that would make us a better and happier person.

Quitting a habit or adopting a new one is the hardest thing that a person has to do because every person is set in their ways. However, it’s not impossible because when there is a will, there always is away.

Here are a few of the habits which can help a person build their personalities in a better way.

Get up early

Going to bed early and waking up early is not only good for your health but also makes a person more productive, active and fresh. Waking up early gives you more hours in a day than you’d think. By starting your day early, you can go on a walk, arrange your to-do list for the day and have a good breakfast which most of us miss as we lose all that time while sleeping.

Stop Multitasking

When we multitask we lose the focus that is needed for the tasks at hand. So the smart way is to do a single task at one time with all the focus and attention that it needs and then move on to the next one. The results might surprise you because that same task would take lesser time when done alone and with full attention as well as it would be done in a more perfect way.

Start Spending Less time On Your Mobile Phone

In this era of social media chaos where you feel less accomplished if you are not posting your activities on Face book, Instagram, Twitter and snap chat, start avoiding this much usage of your cell phone. When you see all other people posting on these outlets, you feel less satisfied with your life because it feels like your life is less happening and exciting than everyone else’s which sometimes leads to depression even. When you go out on a lunch, dinner, picnic or anything instead of worrying about the perfect pictures and videos for your social media life, you should try to enjoy it with whoever you have gone with. It would feel a lot better that way.

Complete What You Have Started

This is a very important habit to develop. You should always try to finish what you started in one go, if possible because the unfinished things always stay at the back of your mind and keep on teasing you. Most of the times split our focus and we are unable to do the tasks at hand in an effective manner.

Remember Positive Experiences

Whenever something positive happens to you either it’s a small compliment or a smile from your superiors on the work well done, dwell on it. Don’t just let it go by but let it sink in because it gives you confidence in yourself and in your hard work and that pleasant feeling makes you a better and happier person.


Reading is a wonderful habit because it lets us through different perspectives and makes us a more flexible person. There are many news and magazine websites like www.merca2.es that you can visit and keep yourself posted. Apart from online resources, books help us understand different points of view about everything thus helping us shape our own thinking in a better way. So everyone should make reading their habit.

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