Green Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning

Office and house spring cleaning using Eco-friendly and greenways can help save some extra money from waste and save the blue planet from pollution.

Here comes spring – the season of love. And it is time for something else too. It’s time for spring cleaning. Here are some green spring cleaning tips which will not only help in cleaning the house, office or shop but also help in saving the planet. Before going for spring cleaning this spring, it is necessary to make a spring cleaning checklist and make it for green cleaning.

Green Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • The spring cleaning checklist should begin with the identification of waste that is produced in the household. If this is not already being done, create a system to separate them as recyclable or non-recyclable.
  • Make a list of the chemicals and materials that will be required to clean every inch of the house, office or shop. Can these be replaced by non-toxic alternatives?
  • Spring cleaning becomes easy when it is done together with the whole family, assigning responsibility to each family member for each room. Once this is done, it will not be necessary to separate the waste after it is piled up. It is necessary to separate waste at the time of cleaning only, whether it be fluid or solid.

Once tasks are assigned to everyone in the family, it is time to start green spring cleaning.

Identifying Waste Produced in Spring Cleaning

The waste produced during spring cleaning should be separated depending upon recyclability. The following list gives how to separate the waste produced in spring cleaning:

  • Following Reduce, Reuse and Recycle method.
  • Biodegradable waste can be food waste, kitchen waste, dry leaves, etc. for composting and reuse.
  • Recyclable waste can be paper, wood, cotton, reusable hardware, glass, metal scrap, etc
  • Non-biodegradable Recyclable waste includes polythene and plastic which cannot be treated for reuse but can be recycled into new products.

Earn Money from Spring Cleaning

Once spring cleaning is finished, it is time to take all the recyclable waste to a recycling station to earn money from waste. It is important to know beforehand about household waste disposal because in different countries different methods for collection of garbage are followed. There are many spring cleaning services available, which makes it much easier to get the house spring-cleaned. If one can ask for green spring cleaning services, it is much better. The recyclable waste can save a lot of money.

Save Planet Earth – Green Cleaning

Segregation of waste and recycling should not only be followed at the time for spring cleaning but during the whole year. If everyone takes care of these small things like green spring cleaning and recycling, they have the potential to save the blue planet. If you are not sure if you can do the eco-friendly cleaning for your air ducts you should hire a professional Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning company to make sure you save the planet earth from any further pollution. Go Green.

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