Gentle Interior Design Creativity: Nailing Decor Expression Without Offending Your Family

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Find out how to boost your creativity at home easily without worrying about scaring your family with garish patterns.

Being creative is something that most of us love the idea of when it comes to decor. However, it’s also something that is easily feared because it could result in all kinds of hideous patterns, colors, horrible textures, and more. Worst of all, it could cause the family to turn to mutiny. You probably wouldn’t want to live in the home that looked like it had been vomited on by several unicorns and Cath Kidson either.

To help you ease yourself into creativity without offending your family and your own eyes, here are some easy and gentle ways to get creative with your decor;

Have A Look At The Possibilities

This means doing nothing permanent and instead of having a look around at ways that other people have been creative. You’re only being inspired at this point so no damage has been done. Browse categories on social media you would normally veer away from.

Be brave with your research, that’s a great first start when it comes to being creative with decor.

Improve Your New Home Without Going Deep

Every home can be improved without being decorated. Usually, this involves decluttering and potentially creating more space. That could be enough of a change to allow you to see your home in a whole new light. Consider doing the following to enhance your home without changing the decor

  • Declutter your home, your self storage unit, and your garage
  • Clean like you’re doing a Spring clean
  • Consider minimalism
  • Empty out rooms that have been solely used as storage and consider utilising cheap self storage instead

Start With Temporary Additions

A really great way to get creative is with changes to the home that can be quickly switched or removed.

Adding plants or soft furnishings, for example, is an easy way to be expressive without transforming anything permanently. This is also a cheap way to be creative with decor.

Have a rummage around in local antique shops and in your cheap self storage unit (see )to see what you already have that could add a splash of colour and style without costing too much or changing too much.

Indulge In Areas Most Suitable For Creativity

There are certain areas of the home that allow for more creativity than others. For example, the garden is much more able to take bright floral patterns, or strong beachy colors, than your kitchen is. So, if you want to go a little bit wild consider an area like the garden as a starting point.

Go Wild In Miniature

There are really small ways that you can go wild. One great example of this is art. It may not be a whole wall or a whole room but it can be one tiny but wild expression of your creativity.

Remember that being creative with your decor does not have to mean starting a war at home. You can start small, and be brave in easily contained ways. If there is creativity there, you can apply it, and you should!

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