7 Tips for better fleet management

fleet management

The competition is getting tougher in the transportation industry. The rising fuel prices are resulting in decreased profit margins. In such circumstances, business owners need to bring efficiency in their fleet in order to get more profits.

When it comes to transportation, even small factors can increase the cost of operations significantly. For example, drivers may leave the truck engines running while taking rest or they may be taking alternate long routes. All of this results in increased operational expenses.

In this article, we will discuss how business owners can improve the efficiency of the fleet and earn more profits.

1. Run Lean

If you want to make your drivers efficient, or choose better routes and manage loads. Then you need to hire the fleet which incorporates lean practices. You can make maximum out of your capital assets by smartly choosing the routes and transforming your inbound and outbound transportation network. You also need to save from insurance costs and your fleet needs cheap insurance.

2. Managing Routes & Locations

If your business involves patroling or delivery then you need to manage and track the routes. For a business that involves security, a guard tour system like ProxiGuard is an essential tool which enables to monitor if people assigned to a tour patrol task are completing their duties on time and at their correct locations. 

Similarly, if you are offering delivery services, then you can track and manage routes and locations with such cloud-based applications.

3. Consult Traffic Lawyer

In the case of violation, an issue with a driver’s license or traffic ticket you need to have a traffic lawyer to settle your legal matters. This will help you to run your fleet operations smoothly. If you haven’t partnered with an attorney yet then consider a consultation with traffic lawyers Denver.

If you have vehicles parked at your yard then it chances are your fleet is larger than your needs. These extra vehicles are costing you money without earning something. You need to rightsize the fleet in order to reduce the expense and increase the profits.

4. Reduce wait times

You need to reduce the wait times by making the load or unload process faster. The poor planning leads to fleet idle time which is wasted on the loading or unloading the truck. Find smart ways to load and upload the inventory to make the process faster.

5. Sideline engine idle time

In the transportation industry, fuel is one of the biggest expenses. A large portion of the fuel is wasted during idle time. Make some standard operating procedures (SOPs) like turning off the engine during loading/unloading and during driver breaks. You can save a good amount of money with these smaller adjustments.

6. Maintain a state of perfect flow

Make sure everything is streamlined properly and running smoothly. Your people, materials, equipment, and processes should flow smoothly in order to provide quality services without any delay. If any of thing is getting delayed your whole process will suffer and increase lead times.

7. Get connected

You should use the latest technology in order to make the maximum out of your available fleet. Use technology like Keeptruckin ELD to get real-time data about vehicles, drivers, and traffic conditions. The technology also allows you to keep your drivers and trucks on route or ease them through traffic snarls to reach their destinations faster.

Using these tips, you can make your business process smooth and you can increase profit margins in the competitive market.

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