Five Tips for a Mind Blowing Web Design

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An attractive, easy to navigate, and highly usable web design is the foundation for a successful website.

Spectacular web design is key to the success of a business that depends mainly on its website for advertising, branding, marketing, and sales. A website should be built with users in mind. A highly interactive and truly enchanting design makes customers spend more time on the website. The more the customers play around on a website, the more they are likely to buy or subscribe — whichever is the primary motive. Experts at Kantaloupe have shared some dead-simple tips for a mind-blowing website design.

Use Simple Fonts, Pleasing Colors, and Enhanced Contrast

In web designing, color and contrast are as important as content. No matter how compelling and informative the content is, users love to read it only when the page is visually appealing. The text should have high contrast and bold colors as compared to the background color. If you see the websites of top corporate organizations, the commonly used background and text colors are white, blue, grey, and black.

Use Multimedia Content Effectively

Visuals are worth a thousand words. Make sure that only those images and videos that are highly relevant to the textual content are included in the website. Avoid meaningless multimedia content. If you want to design a website that is visually mesmerizing, highly interactive, and creative, then you should use engaging multimedia content on the page.

Don’t Overload Pages with Information

Cluttered pages reduce readability. When a webpage is overloaded with textual content, images, and videos, it distracts and annoys the users. Quality content becomes plain waste if the visitors are unable to understand and follow the information provided on the website. Therefore, make it a thumb rule to prioritize the content based on its level of importance and then put it on the website only when it is absolutely necessary. Make sure that the content related to advertisements and promotions is displayed in some corner or at the bottom of the webpage.

Employ Good Navigation Structure

Manually test the site often and pay close attention to how visitors navigate your site. Poor navigation annoys the users and they leave the website with a bad impression that in turn spoils the company’s brand identity. To make navigation smooth and effortless, let the user know where exactly they are on the page and where they want to land next. To serve this purpose, provide location information. Learn about breadcrumbs in web designing.

Content is King

Forget about who said “Content is king,” but is it not a killer statement that makes a lot of sense while talking about the Internet and websites? The primary purpose of a website is to act as an information source. Clients visit a company’s website looking for some information. Content-rich websites attract visitors and build brands. Also, content is the main factor that decides a website’s search engine ranking. Keep the content compelling, updated, informative, succinct, and search engine optimized.

The aesthetic of web design plays a major role in the success of a website. Best web designs highlight the information provided on the website, rather than distracting the users with showy design elements. Keep an eye on navigation, contrast, usability, content presentation, and content quality to make your website professional and appealing.

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