Features That Every Gaming Headset Must Have


Headphones are one of the most common peripherals used by players around the world. Together with screens and monitors, they are one of the few products familiar to all us players, regardless of your preferred system. With this in mind, we can say that practically all brands of peripherals used for gaming have their audio solutions. Meanwhile, audio brands have focused part of their efforts on launching products meant precisely for gamers.

From the firing of a rifle to the jump of our favorite character, through the outcome of the last title we have played, the sound has a crucial role when it comes to transferring strength to each action. It is essential to understand the role of music in video games before going deeper. Along with touch and sight, the ear is one of the three senses that we use when we play at any title.

The result of this is a market saturated with alternatives. The vast majority of headphones are more than suitable for the tasks required by most video games. That is why it’s so difficult to pick only a pair among all the options available on the market. Most of the gaming headphones you can find in stores or online are sold at an affordable price and have a plethora of features to choose from.

We wrote some time ago advising what to look for when buying our next headphones. Today we want to delve more into the subject and see what make headphones your excellent playmates. In this article, we will deepen into what makes a good gaming headset an excellent one at the time of playing.

Must-have features in a good gaming headset

The sound created by headphones differs based on a large number of factors (frequencies, drivers, power, etc.). This is why each set of headphones reproduces different sounds, even though at first you might not even notice the difference.

For this same reason, each product suits different activities. If our goal is to make a recording or a studio production, you should look for headphones that offer a “flat” sound to work with it accurately. In the same way, what are the characteristics that the sound of a headset intended for gaming should have?

Taking into account this aspect you should focus mainly on the clarity of the base and the separation of each sound.

Sound plays a crucial role in the feedback we receive from our actions within the video game. By favoring the base, we are reinforcing the strength and nuances with which we hear each explosion and each blow. This can strengthen the sounds we hear during the whole game and boost our perception of being inside the game.

The separation and correct location of the sound is given how high is the quality of the handset and its features. You should prioritize stereo headphones with drivers of the right size and quality (40mm is usually the standard for most gamers).

My  #1 Recommendation

There’s a famous brand of gaming headsets that I would personally recommend, and it’s called SOMiC. The reason is simple. Their gaming headsets are durable, have a high-performance, and are available in many colors and models. That’s particularly true for their new product release, the SOMiC G951S Purple Gaming Headset. It has a bright purple base with removable cat ears for extra cuteness.

This model of gaming headset has built-in 40-mm high-fidelity speakers that can produce a rich bass effect and offer you a 4D video experience. Its lightweight and skin-friendly ear cushions are perfect for you to wear them even for more extended periods. When it comes to compatibility, the 3.5mm plug of this gaming headset makes it highly compatible with a whole set of devices, including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and many more. Thanks to its splitter cable, you can even separate the sounds coming from its microphone from the sounds you hear from the headset, especially if you plan to use it with your PC.

Among all the great features of this model, it’s probably its flexible microphone and self-adjustable headband that make it so awesome and perfect as a lovely gift.

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