How to Clean PVC Leather Fabric

Leather Fabric

A less expensive alternative to real leather, PVC leather, or faux leather, is obtained from bits derived from leather processing. This environment-friendly material is widely used in furniture, clothing, accessories, and car upholstery business. In this article, we will explain to you how to clean PVC leather fabric and offer you some useful suggestions. Let us take a look.

These PVC faux leathers are increasingly gaining attention and recognition across the world. Most suitable for car upholstery and sofas, this waterproof, mildew-proof, wear-resistant, and fire-resistant leather is optimal at standing at relatively low temperatures. Although this PVC leather provides the same properties as real leather, many people claim not to know how to handle the cleaning. Here is the correct procedure for cleaning the PVC leather fabric.

Leather Fabric

Dry the Stains

If your PVC leather fabric product comes into contact with liquids and food, remove the remaining with paper towels as quickly as possible. In this way, the stain will not have time to stick on the surface. The damage will be minimized, thus saving a lot of cleaning time and energy.

Soapy Water Preparation

Fill a container of warm soapy water. Add dish detergent and then mix it until bubbles are formed. Here we share a little secret with you. Never use too aggressive detergents as these products may damage the material. 

Leather Fabric

Clean the Stains

Soak a soft and clean cloth in the soapy water. Never allow the water to drain from the cloth, in order to avoid excess saturation between the PVC leather and water. Softly clean the stains with a damp cloth. Then wipe the spot with a clean, dry, and soft cloth. 

The secret behind this cleaning technique is to ensure sufficient humidity to permeate the leather. In this way, it is easier to remove marks and stain from the surface. When working on a large area, clean one portion of the stains at a time. Use a damp cloth on a small area before drying it. Then move on to the next part, following the same procedure until all the stain has been removed. It is not wise of you to leave the PVC leather fabric moist for too long. It would help if you never allowed the skin to be soaked in water for an extended period of time.

Baby Wipes for Instant Cleaning

It is advisable for your car upholstery always to prepare a pack of baby wipes in your car. Experts recommend baby wipe because it provides a solution for immediate cleaning while on travel. Baby wipes contain enough moisture to clean stains while maintaining a short drying time. Furthermore, intended for cleaning baby’s delicate skin, this product is safe to use both on faux leather and real leather

Leather Fabric

Faux Leather Polishing

This is actually an optional step, but it is necessary to maintain the PVC faux leather better. It will be sufficient to get cleansing milk and pouring it on a soft cloth. Then rub delicately on the specific area and let it dry naturally. The last step is to rub the surface with a dry cloth. 

Here you have it, some of the tricks to better clean a preserve your PVC leather fabrics. To know more information about the difference between genuine leather and faux leather, come to visit our website.

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