Facebook Ad Targeting Tips You Can Implement Today


So you have jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon and why wouldn’t you; after all, your fellow entrepreneurs are doing it and they have been quite successful in their endeavors. Following the herd is easy, but you should know your way around it as well.

With its 2.41 billion active users, Facebook is the hub of marketing and the first go-to option for any marketer who is looking to generate leads, increase brand awareness and engage with its customers. While making a Facebook page and running a few sponsored ads is no difficult feat, making the most out of the platform requires you to get a grip on its dynamics and learn a trick or two to harness its power.

Hence, here we have some simple Facebook ad targeting strategies that you can use right now to stand out from the competition and make the most of the money you are spending on the platform:

1.   Leverage the new stories templates

It is perhaps Facebook’s agility that has allowed it to become the platform that it is today. The innovation engine of the platform never stops running, which is why it keeps churning out new strategies every now and then. The recent trick that Facebook has pulled out of its sleeve is Stories templates for businesses.

Stories templates convert images into ads for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, without you putting in the extra effort of designing a new ad.

You can access the new feature from the Facebook Ad manager. All you have to do is create a visual ad on the ad level and then choose ‘select a placement to customize’ option for Messenger, Facebook or Instagram story. Then go to the edit option above Ad Preview. This will open up a popup through which you can choose your desired template.

Templates are available for Reach, Traffic, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Conversion. Apart from the different templates, there is a range of options available for you to customize your ad as per your liking. You can change the background color, add music, text, and call to actions.

Check out this simple yet effective Story ad by Michael Hyatt that entices people to sign up for a free webinar.

2.   Use Custom and Lookalike audiences

This is by far the best ad targeting option that Facebook has come up with. With a custom audience, you can create your own audience set on Facebook. If you have been collecting information about your customers such as email addresses on different touchpoints, you can utilize this information to target them on Facebook as well.

When you upload information on Facebook, the platform hashes that information, which means that it encrypts the information into a random code. It then uses this information to help you build your target audience by matching the information with Facebook profiles. Once Facebook has created your custom audience, it deletes the hashed information. 500 custom audiences can be created per ad account.

You can also use the Lookalike audience option to reach more people that might be interested in your services and products. To create a lookalike audience, you need to choose a source audience, which is basically a custom audience that you created. Facebook delivers your ad to people who match the basic information of your custom audience such as demographics, interests, etc.

You have to choose the size of the lookalike audience. The smaller the audience, the better results you will get because while a larger audience will help you reach more people, it would reduce the level of similarity with your target audience. To get the best results to make sure that you give your best customer list as the source.

3.   Use Life Event Targeting

Traditional marketing tried to capture the target audience based on their interests and demographics, but with Facebook, you can talk about micro-targeting since Facebook allows you to know your audience on a real personal level.

You know how people love to flaunt about their achievements and milestones on the platform. While Facebook users feel a sense of achievement by sharing their life events with others, Facebook utilizes this data to help businesses target these users. 

You can conduct a life event targeting through Facebook’s Audience Insight tool. The advanced feature of this tool allows you to target your audience based on Life Events such as ‘Away from family,’ ‘long-distance relationship,’ ‘new job’ etc.

Up your Facebook game today!

Facebook marketing is a science in itself. Gone are those days when all businesses had to do was just make a page, design an ad and run a campaign. Facebook is evolving every day and businesses need to evolve with it. Social media marketing has become a staple for businesses just like high-speed internet. Speaking of which, if you are suffering from constant and lagging and buffering, then just dial the Spectrum phone number for blazing fast internet service at the best prices.

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