Essential Tips for First Time Campers


Camping for the first time can be a tricky process, intimidating even! If you’re getting geared up to hit the campground and you’re feeling apprehensive or nervous, then you’re not alone and you’re not to worry. Everyone experiences a little hesitation the first time around, before long you’ll be a seasoned veteran of the campground, giving advice to the other newbies! Here are a few essential things to try out and keep in mind when you’re setting off to the campground as a fresh-faced beginner…

Familiarise yourself with your equipment

Whatever kind of kit you’re working with, you should take the time to get to know it and use it before you’re at the campground. Familiarising yourself with your equipment before you go means that you save yourself a tonne of stress, time, and energy when you’re in the thick of it. Look into learning about camping knots, camper trailer set up hacks, and cleaning tips – you’ll thank yourself later, promise!

Follow a camping checklist

Unsure of what to pack? This is a really common stress point for beginners, and it’s probably one of the most crucial points of pulling together a successful trip. The good news is that you can put in all the groundwork before you leave and ensure that the entire camping experience is a total dream. Research a beginners’ camping checklist or a family checklist for a step by step guide that makes packing so incredibly easy. You can pin this up and use it as a reference point whilst you’re putting everything together.

Arrive nice and early

Getting to the campsite with plenty of time to set up is essential for everyone. Whether you’re traveling for hours across the country or you’re hopping in the car and heading down the road, you need to leave earlier than you think. You never know what you could be dealing with once you’re setting up your tent or trailer, and you want as much natural light as possible. Racing against the natural clock is not something that you want to do, particularly the first time around.

Prepare your food beforehand

Preparing your food is absolutely essential, failing to do so could leave you with a hungry, angry camping clan for the entire trip – not good. Do yourself a favor and pre-chop, portion, and seal your food. You can even pre-cook a few meals and freeze them for days or nights when you just can’t face the camping cook station. Decant your essential oil, salt, pepper, and other spices into small bags or bottles to streamline your food packing. Bring plenty of dry snacks and keep breakfast simple to save on fuss.

Check site rules and facilities before you get there

Study up on your site before you get there. Every camping ground has its own set of requirements, prices, and maintenance rules, and you don’t want to get caught out doing something that you shouldn’t just because you were unaware. Facilities are also a pretty big one, and they definitely need your attention whilst you’re browsing options for spots to stay. This is made easier if you’re heading off with a cozy, comfortable, and convenient camper trailer, so consider investing if you like to feel at home in the great outdoors.

Stay close to home

If you’re still feeling unsure or nervous about your first ever camping experience, keep it close to home. Exploring your local camping spots is a great way of dipping your toes in the water without having to commit to a long trip. Head off for a quick weekend away and lengthen your trips once you find your legs.

Ready for that first-ever camping trip?

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