Emulsions: Understand the Essential Skincare Cosmetics Ingredients


Since the skincare cosmetics products we apply directly to our skin, it is significant to understand the skincare cosmetics ingredients of what we use. All cosmetics are made up of several systems, the most typical of which is the emulsion. The emulsion consists of the water phase, oil phase, and emulsifier. This article is going to walk you through the knowledge of the essential skincare cosmetics ingredients and make you better informed before buying any skincare cosmetics products.


Water and oil are naturally and mutually exclusive. Without means, there can be no peaceful coexistence. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a third component: one that helps the water phase and the oil phase “go hand in hand,” which is surfactant or emulsifier.

Cellulose, algin, and xanthan

The combination of these three components can’t form the texture we want. It can be thin like milk, and it is easy to flow. At this point, the fourth category will be introduced, known as thickeners, such as cellulose, algin, and xanthan. Usually, this is a gel that provides the necessary viscosity and dispersion.

The above four components constitute the framework and basis of cosmetics, which we call matrix or carrier.

Niacinamide, vitamin E, and retinol

To achieve a better skincare effect, it’s not enough to only put oil and water on your face. We also need repair, sedation, whitening, anti-allergy, antioxidant, anti-aging, and so on. These are the fifth category of ingredients, which can be said to be all-inclusive, called “active ingredients” or “efficient raw materials,” such as Niacinamide, vitamin E, retinol, and so on.

Parabens and antioxidants

Finally, the validity period of the product is 2-3 years. It must be guaranteed that the product will not mildew, rot, or deteriorate. At this point, another type of ingredient is introduced: antiseptic stability class, which includes preservatives, such as parabens, and some antioxidants to avoid rancidity, such as oils and fats.

The above is a typical product form. On this basis, it can be increased or decreased. For instance, if you are doing gel, spray, or mask, you do not need to use the oil phase. For complex essential oils, the aqueous phase is not necessarily required, as they may be self-contained and do not require the additional preservatives.

Matrix components

Matrix components can also be active components. For example Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate are active ingredients with moisturizing function, but they are also one of the elements in the aqueous phase. They can even be thickened with sodium hyaluronate.

The oil matrix, such as Vaseline, can also be used as a humectant. It helps to promote the repair of the skin barrier, so it is also an active ingredient in function.


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