Egg Carton Machine Ushers in Investment Wave under Environmental Protection

Egg Carton Machine

As we all know,pulp molding industry has a history of more than 80 years and a considerable scale in France, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other developed countries. The modern pulp molding technology was initiated in Denmark in 1917 and be brought into reality in the 1960s. Since then, molded egg carton products mainly use pulp molding and plastic molding.

In recent years, with the voice of environmental protection rising, the pulp molding industry once again ushered in new development vitality. The development of the egg carton industry of pulp molding has shown more signs worthy of investment. Three main reasons lie behind it.

Egg Carton Machine
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable raw material

The egg carton machine’s whole production process, from the main raw materials used to the end of the entire production process, is environmental.

The primary raw materials for the manufacture of egg cartons are wastes, such as natural fibers (sugar cane, bamboo and wheat straw), old newspapers, old books, packaging paper, or waste paper cups. Waste is easy to obtain and it is economical.

Since l989, about 600 factories in the United States have produced pulp, paper, paperboard and related products, 300 of which basically use waste paper as raw materials, and another 300 use waste paper in the production process.

In this way, the egg carton manufacturers could get waste at an economical price from recycling companies, paper mills, supermarkets and individual households. In the egg carton manufacturing business, the investment cost of raw materials is the lowest, which reduces the overall cost of the company and improves the profit.

Moreover, the molded egg cartons could be made of biodegradable materials and recycled again, reducing the amount of waste transferred to landfills, seafloors, and incinerators. Unlike plastic and polystyrene foam packaging, the fiber material used to make these egg dishes is 100% recyclable and sustainable.

Egg Carton Machine
  • Huge market potential

The egg is a kind of nutritious food that almost all families use every day. Especially under the current situation of the epidemic, consumers are more sensitive to food safety, and fresh food is becoming more and more popular. For instance, the sales volume of the famous egg brand YLSWAN in the first quarter of 2020 has been growing steadily. The sales volume in its new retail platforms such as HEMA, Dingdong and 7FRESH have grown by nearly 60% and more than 200% in the e-commerce platforms of JD and TMALL, ranking first in egg category of JD POP store.

Egg Carton Machine

As an important natural protein source of human body, eggs are rich in amino acids and vitamins, and significantly help human body immunity. Compared with expensive meat, eggs are highly available and easy to cook, so they are favored by families. At present, China has become the largest egg market in the world, with nearly 300 billion transactions each year.

However, the grim fact is that the concentration of the egg industry is only 2%, and the degree of branding is less than 5%. Therefore, China’s egg industry is in the transformation and upgrading stage of improving quality and building brand.

Egg Carton Machine

In addition to China, there is a huge demand for eggs in different countries. The huge demand for eggs also drives huge demand for egg cartons. As a result, poultry breeders around the world are looking for economical and reliable ways to pack, store, and transport eggs without damaging or breaking them. Molded egg cartons are ideal for packaging eggs because they provide unparalleled protection against vibration and shock. This also makes more and more investors aim at the pulp molding egg carton machine.

Egg Carton Machine
  • Mature technology

The considerable development of the egg carton making machine depends on the continuous maturity of the molding process. After several years of development and innovation, the pulp molding technology has continuously improved equipment performance, and the production cost of products tends to be stable. Not only that, but the egg carton machine has also now realized full-automatic production. In addition to the automatic control system in the production line needs professional technical personnel, the rest steps can be mastered through short-term and efficient training. Therefore, it is possible for an egg carton making machine to realize high speed and automatic mass production.

Egg Carton Machine


With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection all over the world, the egg carton production line will continue to glow with vitality. It is wise of you to invest in the pulp molding industry and egg carton machines. The truth is that the egg carton making machine from HGHY is worth considering.

Their egg carton machine fully uses an automatic system to replace the manual operation. It provides excellent performance of rotary forming technology. As for egg carton manufacture, a highly efficient 6-pass drying line has been specially designed to ensure the shape and the detailed crafts. This egg carton machine could be easily matched with auto conveying and auto hot-press system, which could bring you lots of conveniences. The HGHY egg carton machine would be a worthy investment for you, so don’t hesitate to learn more about that.

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