Dr. Irene Kepler Offers 7 Tips on Stress-Free World Travel


World travel can be exciting, rewarding, and sometimes, stressful. Dr. Irene Kepler has traveled to many places in the world and she has learned along the way how to stay stress-free. She loves to share her experiences and what has worked for her during her travels.

How to Travel Stress-Free

Irene Kepler LCSW has found many different ways to stay stress-free while traveling to several countries and continents. Here are some of her top tips:

  1. Packing Correctly – This is one of the first things people think of because packing for a trip usually starts with clothes and other items to bring. Learning to take less clothing and prioritizing useful items like jackets and layers can help make your trip easier and lighten your load plus, reduce stress.
  2. Utilizing Hotel Rooms – Using provided drawers and closet space, while adding small touches like personal bedding to your hotel room is a great way to make your experience more comfortable. Having a room that feels a little like home can reduce stress levels, especially after a long day of sightseeing or other activities.
  3. Visit Familiar Areas – This can be a good way to learn the culture while staying in a more familiar frame of mind. For example, one way is to visit an area of interest. If you have knowledge of and enjoy theaters, visit these areas and interact with others. Any type of activity you are already familiar with will be easier to do than a new activity in a foreign place.
  4. Eat Well – Make sure to enjoy the food and stay hydrated when you are traveling. Avoid junk foods and unhealthy choices. Irene Kepler LCSW has found that trying fresh local foods and eating lots of healthy produce can keep energy levels up and stress levels down. Choose plenty of healthy food options when out in the local area.
  5. Stay Connected – It can be stressful when you are traveling and not staying in touch with friends and relatives. Be sure to make time to connect with loved ones. This can help keep stress in check.
  6. Research Where You Are Going – Learning about local customs and the culture you are visiting will give you knowledge so it is not so unfamiliar when you get there. Not knowing much about the place you visit can cause stressful situations that might have been avoided with a little forethought.
  7. Be Courteous – Staying friendly and helpful is a much better way to connect with others while traveling than always being worried or stressed out. Often chatting with new people can help relieve anxiety and there is a potential to make a new friend.

Making World Travel Enjoyable

Most importantly according to Dr. Irene Kepler is to enjoy traveling. If the experience isn’t enjoyable, you should probably consider doing something else. After many hours flying around the world and working in places like Tanzania, Dr. Kepler has a lot of experience with how to stay stress-free and make the most of the trip.

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