Clever Cryptocurrency Token – The Next Big Thing in Crypto World


The advent of cryptocurrency has transformed the entire financial sector. It is a tremendous form of currency that has got very quick popularity.

People were quite hesitant in the early days but now people prefer transactions with the help of the crypto and e-wallet. The users of cryptocurrency consider it as the most reliable and secure form of payment.

Since cryptocurrency is a relatively new thing so there is plenty of room for innovations and new ideas. Cryptocurrency companies are striving for developing a more powerful, robust, user-friendly, and safe platform.

Since investors are always looking for a safe place or medium to park their wealth, Clever DeFi brings an excellent opportunity for such investors to invest and get long term gains. Experts at Clever DeFi have come up with a 34-year long-term vision to encourage more transactions in the digital mainstream. Moreover, the company is absolutely ready now to launch the world’s first-ever DeFi platform that will definitely become the next big thing.

This news has quickly got the attention of the investors and we can expect a great transformation in the financial world.

Key Benefits of Clever Token Cryptocurrency

Security And Compliance

Since the introduction of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoins has been the most popular cryptocurrency. Since then many other cryptocurrencies made a place in the market. The crypto world made an abrupt impact on the financial and political world and crypto companies started to spend more time and resources in research and development for innovations and improvements.

In this hyper-competitive crypto world, Clever DeFi introduced the smartest way to handle cryptocurrency and store wealth. Clever uses DeFi or Decentralized Finance Protocol. The best thing about Clever DeFi is the automatic distribution of interest to the token holders. Since the distribution is automatic, you can expect a higher ROI than the average.

The platform introduced by Clever DeFi is extremely secure and no third party can access your information. You can also store other cryptocurrencies in the wallet which is highly secure. You can feel safe while parking your wealth.

Automatic Interest Payment

Investors are always keen to secure their wealth and make more wealth from that. Banks and other financial institutions usually offer low-interest rates. Clever DeFi found an opportunity in this traditional interest method and introduced Clever Tokens known as CLVA. All the token holders will receive the interests as per a pre-programmed cycle. The whole process consists of 888 fortnightly cycles.

The whole process will take 34.15 years for completion, to be more precise. All the people with Clever token can obtain a guaranteed payment of up to 11% compound interest every fortnight. The whole process is automatic and free from external human intervention. Now, it is time to calculate how much you can make by the end of the term.

Before the launch of the program, several test-checks were carried out. This is a tested program and the returns are guaranteed. If you are an investor and looking for a safe and secure investment then this a go-to opportunity for you.

Why You Should Invest In Clever

It is not easy for a new offering to get investors’ attention. Investors usually look at different aspects. Here are some of the reasons you should consider Clever DeFi as an investment option.

  • Clever does not require any contract and you should not worry about any specific staking period.
  • It gives complete freedom to the investors in transacting the CLVA tokens anywhere.
  • Unlike many crypto wallets, there is no Lock-in period, and you are the sole user and owner of your precious Cryptos.
  • It gives you the freedom to sell or purchase cryptocurrencies. This gives you the opportunity for more earnings and eventually greater pleasure.
  • You can expect only free-market conditions as CLEVER is a 100% pure platform for Decentralized Finance dealings.
  • You get a reward every fortnight since the 14 days cycle works like regular clockwork. Awards are only for newly minted CVLA as per the investment amount.
  • The most important part is the automation of the interest payment enabled by hard-coded system software. There is no involvement of any human in this whole process.

The Final Thoughts

The Clever Token, or CLVA, has basic principles well incorporated for Bitcoin dealings. The present structure deployed by the developers can reach the level of Maximum Supply for 1 trillion CLVA. So, this is a great opportunity for the investors to in this incredible platform and continue to earn over the specified period of a 34.15-year cycle.

CLVA is the first true DeFi Cryptocurrency protocol that is fully secured for personal and business transactions. The platform will sure the cryptocurrency and financial sectors. To know more about Clever Token you can visit the official website

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