Choosing a Perfect Screen Protector for Your Samsung Note 10


At present, the mobile phone has become a necessity for people’s lives, and the corresponding accessories have emerged at the same time. The curved screen protector is one of the most popular mobile accessories among them. If you are looking for a perfect screen protector for your Samsung Note 10, the curved screen protector will surely pop on your radar.

The ordinary screen protector of a mobile phone can protect the screen friction of mobile phones to a certain extent. Still, when the mobile phone falls to the ground, the ordinary protector has no way to protect it. Therefore, more and more people no longer use a regular screen protector but choose the upgraded version of curved tempered glass.

The thickness of the curved tempered glass is much thicker than that of the ordinary screen protector. To a certain extent, it not only protects the screen of the mobile phone from scratches but also prevents it from falling. Moreover, the hand feel of the 3D tempered glass is smoother than that of the ordinary plastic film, and the light transmittance is better, so it can be called “the fighter in the mobile phone screen protector”.

However, there are many kinds of curved screens on the market, which make people dazzled from time to time. How should consumers judge the quality of the screen protector for mobile phones? Let’s take a closer look.

samsung note 10 protector

I. Light Transmittance

Light transmittance is the best way to test the protective screen. The light transmittance of high-quality tempered glass is about 95%, while that of low-quality one is below 80%. The simplest and direct way to test the transmittance is to look with your eyes and feel with them. Hold the mobile phone screen protector toward the sun. If the screen is not transparent and has small white spots, such toughened tempered glass is unqualified.

II. Anti Scratch

An excellent mobile phone screen protector not only has a significant advantage in light transmittance but also pays more attention to scratch resistance. A good-tempered glass can be scraped directly on it with a blade, scissors, key, and other hard and sharp objects, and there would be no scratch at all.

III. Explosion Proof

Whether explosion-proof or not is an essential factor in testing the quality of toughened screen protector, and also a performance that consumers care a lot! Perfect tempered glass has excellent toughness, density, and strength. Just like the car windshield, with strong hardness, after a violent impact, the broken lines will not form the spines after the ordinary glass is broken, which will minimize the safety risks.

IV. Fingerprint Oil Pollution Prevention

Even if the surface of a good toughened tempered glass is full of water, with a few drops of water on it, the water will not disperse. When you shake your mobile, the drops will roll away, and no trace would be found.

V. Fit with the Mobile

After tearing off the protective stickers, directly follow the order, put it on the mobile phone, and lightly press a point, an excellent tempered glass can automatically absorb it without any bubbles. And stick it very tightly, repeatedly tear it open and re-stick it three to four times, it can still fit perfectly again. The worse toughened tempered glass is not only asymmetric with the size of the mobile phone screen but also has a gap. The hole position would be too large. Because of the high technical requirements for opening holes, a good toughened tempered glass will be scrapped if you are a little careless, which is not conducive to the cost control of businesses.

VI. The Smoothness of Hand Feel

Use your fingers to scratch on the glass film. An excellent tempered glass protective film makes you feel smooth. It feels better than the original touch screen (bare screen) of many mobile phones. If the tempered glass is rough or not soft enough, when your finger slides on the mobile phone, it makes you feel sticky.

Now you know how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile screen protector. If you are the owner of a Samsung Note 10, then it would be your gift time. Vmax, one of the most well-known and reliable manufacturers of screen protectors, has recently produced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 3D Curved Tempered Glass. This 3D screen protector is flawless in transmittance, fitting mode, scratch protection, water, and oil proof, the hand feels, etc. All of the dimensions have been carefully designed and detected by the workers. If you are interested, you definitely will not want to miss this perfect screen protector.

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