Magnet Experiments: Build a Speaker with Magnets


Everyone in this era loves to play music with good bass and loud music. Music lovers buy speakers to play music their favorite music on it on high volume. Speakers and headphones have a magnet in their system, without magnets, it is very difficult to listen to any sound on speakers or headphones. Magnets let us hear the music that we want to listen to speakers. You can even create your own Speaker set with some large custom magnets and get to know more about audio, electricity, and science plays an important role in the process. There are lots of varieties of homemade speakers build with minimal equipment. We are going to tell you a simple and easy version to create with some materials that are available easily in everyone’s home. You must try this out.

You are going to need some materials for the process the materials are:

  • Round magnet
  • Paper cup or Styrofoam plate (disposable cup/plate)
  • Tape
  • Copper wire
  • Cardboard
  • Old audio plugs (headphones & wires)

There are a few easy steps to follow if you are going to create your own speakers. Follow step by step and building your own music system. The steps are:

  1. Create a magnet disc size circular frame with copper wire by curling or twisting it. After that wrap pieces of wire on opposed sides of the coil. Leave some extra inches of wire hanging off on each end.
  2. Flip the Paper cup or Styrofoam plate (disposable cup/plate) upside down and attach the coil of wire to the bottom of it with tape.
  3. The next step is to attach a round magnet to a piece of cardboard with tape and then place the magnet inside of the Paper cup or Styrofoam plate (disposable cup/plate) and make sure that it is not touching the circular coil of wire which we created at the very beginning.
  4. Attach the cardboard backing into place with some tape. Make sure to leave some space for the access of the coil.
  5. Take your audio plugs (headphones/wires) and remove the outer coating of the wire so that the inside wire is exposed properly. Leave the plug side of your wire undamaged so that you can plug it into your audio device later.
  6. Connect your audio plug wires which you left to the coil of wire in the bottom of the cup.
  7. Plug the jack of the speaker into a computer, into your cell phone, audio device, radio, and test it how it works and plays your music.

You can modify and set the magnet strength at any time to amplify and increase the volume. If your magnets are strong enough it will work better than a normal and low powered magnet. The most important part is to always follow the proper safety precautions when magnetism and electricity are involved in the process. These speakers contain Basic important procedures if you are involved and interested in creating your own audio speakers. You can always get a more classy and elegant with the design of your speakers. It must look beautiful and sophisticated as it works,

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