Brand-New VIP System| a Revolution by a Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Originated in Finland in 2009, blockchain prevails across more and more countries and regions including Europe, America, China, Japan, Korea, etc. In recent years, with an unprecedented vitality, it somehow develops and evolves at an extremely high speed beyond imagination, along with the prosperity of cryptocurrency trading platform. At this time, a dark horse called quickly catches the global attention and it brings a brand-new VIP membership system to the public lately.

As one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, has provided global users with one-stop services for blockchain assets, such as spot trading, legal tender trading and leverage services covering over 80 online currencies since 2013. With more than 3 million registered users, now operates and manages five trading zones like QC, BTC, ZB, USDT, and PAX. In effect, is more than a trading place, but it is also a powerful platform to offer maintenance and management of appreciation of digital currency with about $3 billion daily turnovers on average. Additionally, it features high liquidity, triple leverage as well as high-performance matchmaking transactions. In the ever-changing market, goes from strength and strength and digs its way into the competitive overseas markets. For the past six years, it has not only applied for exchange licenses in the United States and Dubai but also set up operation centers in Switzerland, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong, China.

Actually, to gain a firm foothold in the blockchain field, it’s essential for every cryptocurrency trading platform to overcome technical barriers. During the development process of every platform, there is a variety of challenging and complicated problems such as instantaneous transaction peak value, real-time quotation scheme, settlement accounts and so on. Different solutions chosen would result in various characteristics of diverse cryptocurrency trading platforms.

  • Binance:

Cooperated with well-known Internet security companies, Binance works hard to provide users with more secure and convenient asset exchange services in the blockchain. What’s more, it integrates global high-quality blockchain assets and is committed to building an international cryptocurrency trading platform. This platform offers nearly 13 major language versions worldwide and its users are mainly in the United States, Japan, and India.

  • OKEx:

Since December 2018, OKEx has provided its users with nine kinds of permanent contracts in BTC, ETH, LTC, and other currencies. In the case of a market downturn, OKEx tends to quantify the market and do some market-making activities on its own initiative, providing trading liquidity for emerging cryptocurrency.

  •’s focus lays on offering an excellent experience to small and medium-sized individual investors. The top-class service not only serves as a crucial bridge to build trust and connection between users and the platform but also exerts a profound and subtle influence toward the cryptocurrency trading. Most importantly, no cryptocurrency theft has occurred since its inception. The rigorous attitude to cryptocurrency audit, responsible service and extraordinary user experience help this cryptocurrency trading platform gain wide acclaim and support globally. In general, the success of makes the contract market more competitive and saturated.

On the strength of the improvement and success these years, comes up with a brand-new VIP membership system, which has been considered as the greatest revolution of this cryptocurrency trading platform since 2018. This new VIP system is based upon the 2013 version of China’s Bitcoin website, which is not only the predecessor of but also one of the earliest bitcoin trading platforms in the world, apart from Binance, Huobi, and OKEx. Let’s get a closer look at this outstanding VIP system. The following are three aspects for you to learn about.

1. This updated VIP system adds several new usage scenarios and facilitates the ZB reward point platform. Depended on which equips with numerous user volumes, ZB reward points is under a practical application environment, which ensures the subsequent development of this application and safeguards the user operation security.

2. In addition to purchasing VIP identity with ZB, VIP can also be obtained by ZB reward points. Users can choose the corresponding VIP level according to their daily average trading volume and the judgment of the market condition. 3. The updated VIP system maintains the previous stepwise rate of service charge. For VIP1, the number of ZB’s required in a hedge is 2500, with a service charge rate is 0.09%. For the highest-level VIP9, the number of ZB‘s needed in a hedge is 2,400,000 with a relatively low service charge rate reaching 0.03%.

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