Best Ways to Prep When Taking a Massage Exam


Education is a process that will continue throughout your career, it doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate or a massage therapist who’s been practicing for years. Be ready for the next exam with these test-taking tips that will help you to get good grades. Here are few things that are important for Massage Exam Prep.


Sleeping is very important for human health and for keeping your mind fresh. Everybody should get six to eight hours of sleep every day. A study found that a good night’s sleep enhanced motor skills, and that’s not all that sleep helps to develop!  A human mind continues learning while the human body asleep. Good sleep can lead to a good memory as well. If you don’t get proper sleep you may find some problems during the learning process as the mind didn’t get its proper rest.


If you are a student or any professional study is important to keep your learning process alive and gives you a wide range of knowledge. Yes, the study is important. Try to study on a regular basis on a set schedule, at least eight hours a week, for 60 days earlier to the examination if you are a student. It’s important to build on the skills and information you gained in school. Reexamine your books and curriculum, and try to make sure to study in additions. If you make a study schedule two hours a day, three to four times a week your mind can move your learned information from short-term memory to long-term memory. The study enhances your memory and you remember things for a longer period of time.

Know Your Learning Style

Before you buy any study material, figure out your learning style and field of interest. This will help you select study materials that best suit you and according to your taste. If you’re an Active and Thoughtful Learner, doing the task and speaking out loud will help you remember the material easily. If you’re a Sensor and Instinctive Learner, make examples and scenarios of the study material that will help you most, and so on. 

Purchase the Right Study Materials

Buy up-to-date materials for your study that suit your learning style. The best way to learn is to buy a book form or DVD that covers the material of your interest. Attend or watch a review course that suits your learning style.

Study Weak Areas First

After identifying and buying your study material according to your learning style, make a study plan for your study. The best thing is to study your weakest subjects first. Try to focus and concentrate at least 70 percent of your scheduled study time on these areas. In a short period of time, your weakest subjects can turn into your strongest subject.

Review Strong Areas

Try to spend the last 30 percent of your scheduled study time on your strongest subjects that are easy to remember. Although you may be assured in these areas, you can still improve them with the review. You can learn new methods and techniques in familiar subjects. And, it feels really great to end your study time with something you know well!

  • Use Memory Aids. Learn how to use abbreviations, reminders, and acronyms to remember different subject areas to remember the important study data. You’ve learned some in school now make some of your own. There are some tools that help you to remember study material easily, graphs, charts, pictures, and flashcards, sticky notes with short notes, can be wonderful recall tools as well.

  • Schedule Stress-free Time. When you suffering from stress whatever you do to release your stress, schedule stress reliving sessions during your day, every day. If you are a therapist exchange massages with another massage therapist. Meditate 15 minutes before study time and 15 minutes after. You can attend any yoga or exercise class. If you haven’t made any time to relax during your day, you should make it now it’s time to take some time to relax!

  • Follow Instructions. It’s very important before starting any test you should read all the instructions given on the test, you must know them before starting. Also, review any information you were sent with your test registration confirmation to make sure they are correct. On the day of the examination, make sure to reach at least 20 minutes earlier from your scheduled time, with the proper identification of yours.

Be Optimistic

If you’re a professional massage therapist, optimism is a major way to achieve good health in this profession. You must believe that you will pass the exam. Stay attentive, stay positive, and you will make your own way, and good luck for yourself.

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