4 Benefits of Employing A Fluid Dispensing Robot on Production Lines

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Different fluids are employed at different points in the manufacturing process. With the advent of high precision manufacturing and the need for accuracy, companies like Topbest have heavily focused their resources on the advancement and deployment of fluid dispensing robots.

Like any other robotic system, they are promised to improve the general workflow from start to finish. Since improving can be a relative term, how do these robots achieve the set goal?

Here, we discuss some of the many benefits that these robot fluid dispensing systems hold for companies.

1 Cost Savings

There are diverse ways to go about cost savings with robots of this kind.

A company that needs a specific volume of glue on certain parts of its products, for example, will have to turn away those products which contain more or less of the glue. It is either they throw the non-quality products away completely or take them back into the production cycle for correction.

This adds up to mean extra costs for the company.

The same is true for having to hire a secondary inspector to check out the level of quality. When a fluid dispensing robot is in the mix, there would be a lesser need for a secondary inspector, and the level of fluid supplied will be more consistent.

2 Prevent Fluid Loss

It is interesting to handle fluids in the production process, especially one where they are the main products.

Left to human intervention, filling of bottles and vials with fluids will sometimes lead to spillage on the production line. Depending on how careful the human operators are, the fluid loss from spillage or overfilling could become unbearable.

Again, this leads to a loss of revenue for the company involved.

An excellentrobotic dispensing machine can be programmed to deliver a precise amount of fluid to each vial/ bottle/ container in the setup. So it can help to keep spillage at a minimum or none at all.

3 Precision

How would you feel if, as a consumer, you bought two containers of the same product from the same company and they were vastly different in volume? Even if it was an honest mistake, you won’t help but feel cheated out of your money.

This is the kind of brand damage that could be done by using robotic dispensing systems. A robotic dispensing machine can help keep to a consistent level across the board. Again, you won’t have to worry about this with robots.

4 Time Savings

Robotic dispensing systems can get through a large volume of fluid faster and more efficiently than humans could. Since it is preprogrammed for such routine tasks, all it has to do is continuously repeat the set of institutions until it is shut off.

That is not the only place where it saves time, though.

Now that the product has to spend lesser time in quality control, and only a few would have to be sorted back into the production cycle or totally discarded, the entire production time is increased. In other words, there is a guarantee of improved output in lesser time.

With all these benefits of a fluid dispensing robot in the production process, it is time for you to choose one for your company. Topbest owns national invention patents, several utility model patents, and software copyrights. Its robotic dispensing systems offer real-time dispensing process monitoring, and the machine can be used for over 5 years. With rich experience in dispensing fastening applications, Topbest is a perfect choice as a manufacturer building the machine by the R&D team that can customize the machine based on customer requirements.

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