Benefits of CBD Oil and Side Effects


Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is the oil derived from the cannabis plant. Over the past few years, this powerful substance has become very popular in the field of health and human medicine due to some of its health benefits. Although it is currently not legal in a few states, it is just a matter of time before this narrative changes as more and more people continue to depend on it due to its natural benefits. Cannabis has a broad range of compounds with each having its effects. However, it is not all of them that are useful when it comes to treatment.

There is now a large amount of CBD oil products from various brands such as FranklyCBD among others. Therefore, it becomes imperative to properly highlight both the benefits and the side effects (if there are any) that these CBD oil products can have on the users.

The benefits of CBD oil

  • Pain relief

The most common benefit derived from the use of CBD oil is the relief of pain. The natural compound is known to be effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and battling. In fact, this is probably the most common reason most people take CBD oil today. This substance is a better alternative to regular drugs and pills when it comes to dealing with pain and inflammation.

  • Reduction of anxiety and depression

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the single biggest factor responsible for disability throughout the world is depression while anxiety disorders come in the sixth position. These two are probably the most common mental health issues and they usually have very serious negative effects on overall wellness. Interestingly, studies have shown that CBD can help fight both disorders effectively. The good thing about using CBD oil to reduce anxiety and depression is that you are at risk of fewer side effects compared to when you take pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Acne reduction

Based on the findings of some recent scientific studies, CBD oil may be quite helpful for the treatment of acne as a result of its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to reduce the production of sebum. A test specifically discovered that CBD oil stopped sebaceous glands from secreting too much sebum. Not only this, but it also exerted anti-inflammatory actions and prevented pro-acne agents from being activated. The import of all this is that taking CBD oil has been established to help reduce acne.

  • A healthy heart

A healthy heart means a healthy body and recent research has once again shown that CBD might be beneficial to the heart as well as the circulatory system. This is because this substance could help to lower high blood pressure. There are certain health conditions that you are more prone to when you have high blood pressure such as heart attack, stroke as well as metabolic syndrome. This means that having high blood pressure puts you at risk of getting them as well.

  • Antipsychotic effects

CBD oil also has beneficial antipsychotic effects. According to certain studies, the oil can reduce the psychotic symptoms of individuals suffering from schizophrenia and other mental issues.

  • Diabetes prevention

Although this hasn’t been fully re-enacted in humans, studies have shown that taking CBD oil may be able to prevent diabetes. Treatment with CBD in diabetic mice reduced the incidence of diabetes by more than half and it also reduced inflammation in large proportions.

The side effects of CBD

The fact that CBD oil has very limited side effects is a very popular subject of debate in the field of human medicine and health. Indeed, CBD oil has a positive reputation for being well-tolerated and safe. However, does this means that it can be taken anyhow without any caution? The answer to this is an emphatic NO. While the substance, well-tolerated, and safe, especially when compared to pills and drugs, it is important to realize that it can lead to adverse reactions in some people and specific situations. On that note, the possible side effects of CBD oil include the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in weight and appetite

Taking CBD with certain supplements and medications

As we have stated above, there are specific circumstances where taking CBD may lead to side effects. One of such situations is when you take it in combination with some other medications and supplements. For instance, there are certain supplements or medications that come with something known as “grapefruit warning”. It is not advisable to take CBD oil with such medications as it resulted in undesired side effects. The reason for this is that both CBD and grapefruit interfere with a group of enzymes instrumental to drug metabolism known as cytochromes P450 (CYPs).

Now, you know the numerous benefits of CBD as well as its side effects.

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