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Editorial Staff

Marko Stout a talented artist in New York

Marko Stout a talented artist in New York

Marko Stout became a renowned name in New York’s modern urban lifestyle. That man is no longer a stranger to NYC’s gritty industrial pop style. Marko Stout is one of those highly talented artists who for their creativity set no limits on...

time management

How to Prevent Buddy Punching with Time Clock Software

Buddy punching is a problem as old as the time clock itself. It was an issue when the job clock was a physical object, and employees would use punch cards to record when they arrived at work and left for the day. Buddy punching was when a friend of...


IB Diploma – Everything You Need to Know

The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is an advanced educational option for high school students. It is a popular qualification that is taught in schools and colleges all over the world. Universities accept the IB diploma for entry onto...

bike touring

A Beginner’s Introduction to Cycle Touring

Tips on how to prepare, plan, pack for and get pedaling on your first cycle camping trip Don’t be put off by thinking that you need to be superfit and clad in shrink-to-fit Lycra in order to go camping with your bike. Cycle touring is a wonderful...

t shirts

Funny Tee Shirts – What People Wear and Why

Funny tee shirts have become part of modern culture, reflecting many different aspects of people and their natures, from clever and witty to cheap and rude. It is interesting to observe the people who wear funny tee shirts, and when they wear them...


Volunteering to Become an Assistant Soccer Coach

Have you ever considered volunteering to become a soccer coach or an assistant soccer coach? My experiences show you can do it too and succeed! I have begun coaching U8 girls (girls under the age of 8 at the time of registration) soccer as an...


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