Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff


Getting Votes for Contests made Easier

With the advent of digital media, most of the business owners these days are using the internet to promote their products and services. In this scenario, social media platforms have proven their edge for branding and promotional needs. But the great...


How to Use Live Polls to Engage Your Audience

Polls allow business owners to amplify the voice of their customers. There is no doubt to say that customers always have an opinion about the business they are connected to; polls are the best platforms to help them to express what they feel...

metal health

4 Alternative Ways to Help Your Mental Health

The number of mental illnesses diagnosed each year has continued to rise. Currently, there are approximately 9.8 million adults who are over the age of 18 who deal with a serious mental illness. Of those 9.8 million adults, 52.6% of those people...

guard tours

All You Need to Know ProxiGuard Guard Tour System?

If you want to monitor if people assigned to a tour patrol task are completing their duties on time and at their correct locations then a guard tour system is the solution for this task. You can easily track where and when were the patrols were made...


Quick Cleaning Tips to a Clean Home

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to always clean the house – use these quick cleaning tips to make your home looking brand new in no time. Let’s face it — there never seems to be as much free time for housekeeping as...


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