Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff


How to Recover Financially From a Divorce

Divorce brings huge changes to the lives of everyone involved. The emotional pain alone can be a tremendous burden, but it is by no means the only one. The financial realities that arise after a divorce are often the last to be considered, but they...


4 Reasons to Choose a Snowy Holiday Destination

When it comes to the holiday season, there are some who enjoy sunny beaches and sandy walks and then there are some who would much rather find the biggest snow pile and dive right in – welcome to the world of winter fun where sunshine may not...


Insurance Rates Are on a Rise in Placer County

It has been observed that people across Placer County are finding it very hard to insure their homes as the Insurance rates have surged mainly due to the wildfires. The insurance rates have increased by thousands of dollars as reported by the Placer...

japan tech

Weirdest Technological inventions of Japan

Whenever we think of technology or creative inventions, Japan is one of the few names that definitely pops into our heads. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries which has introduced the world to such concepts and innovations...

video games

Top 5 Video Games You Should Play Right Now

There’s no denying that computer games are amazing and very famous among all age groups. Along these lines, we’ve assembled a rundown of the most famous computer games at the present time, so you can get in on the activity! The list...


How to Add Romance to a Relationship

If there is no romance in your relationship then relation may not last for a long time. You need to make efforts to add romance to your relationship to make it healthy and happy. There nothing difficult in doing that as you don’t need to make huge...

morale in office

3 Ways to Improve Staff Morale in an Office

We are reaching out more and more to people in the last few years when it comes to our mental wellbeing. The workplace is no exception – in fact, for many, it’s where we can sometimes feel that mental burnout, especially when not taking a...

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