Are You Interested in Setting up Your own Perfume Business?


Are you interested in setting up your own perfume business? Perhaps you’ve always loved perfumes yourself and know you have a great recipe that people will love. The thing is, as good as your recipe may be and it may be the most intoxicating and alluring perfume that has ever been made, if it doesn’t have the right packaging, it won’t be nearly as successful as you hope.

If you’re new in the perfumery field, then you may not have realized yet how crucial role perfume bottles and packaging play. Perfume is not just bought with the nose and sense of smell alone, it is also the feast of eyes. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few things you may interest, which are very important and helpful when it came to the packaging of scents.


The lovely crystal looking, the flexibility of decoration, and heavy touch make glass bottles the first choice of most qualified perfume brands. On another side, the fragile is another characteristic of glass.

So, not only do you need to make smart decisions about the type of glass perfume bottle, but you also need to consider carefully how you package and wrap your product before sending it out to customers. A lot of perfume is bought in airports, which means it will be getting put into a customer’s luggage, and there’s a small chance it could get squashed slightly, so make sure the box is a tough one.

Durable Materials

Following on from the point above and opening it up a little more, it is important that you chooseperfume packaging that is going to stand the test of time. Most of the consumers, whether male or female, may reuse the bottle or keep it as the treasure because of the attractive design, even they’ve used all the perfume.

Regardless, it’s vital to consider what material your perfume bottle is made of. Even if you are on a tight budget, a low-priced item doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice in the long run.

What about eco-friendly materials? Some perfume companies are starting to make the shift to eco-friendly materials, which is a nice angle to try and help their sales. In particular, it’s effective for the influence of brand expansion, as it’s in line with the world’s sustainable development concept.


As noted previously, the packaging is just as important as the contents of a perfume bottle. It is always a good idea to present from the package and bottle what is the inside scent. For example, if it’s a spring-bouquet fragrance, it can be helpful for the market to have the box and bottle decorated with the flowers that are used in the scent. The bottle, packing box, and fragrance should be complement one another. If you think about all the perfumes that are vintage and have been around forever, they all have a simple classic design that still looks good even after a couple of years.

Companies spend hundreds of dollars to find out what customers look for in such products and how they want their products. Research suggests that customers are really fond of attractive product design, which is bright and attractive and this is what is taken into account when designing packaging for perfumes. However, after quite a lot of hue and cry on the use of excessive perfume packaging, manufacturers are now trying to minimize packaging while still maintain total product safety and meeting customer needs like never before.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the perfume bottle you choose for a fragrance should be considered carefully too. Remember, everything should work in unison and be connected. You also need to consider your target market. For instance, if your fragrance is for men, then sharp edges and bulkier packaging may appeal to men. Whereas if your fragrance is designed with young women in mind, the bottle should have a more slimline and feminine feel to it.

The size and shape will be something that you need to get right. These will make people pick up the bottle when it’s on the shelf. Think of some of your favorite perfumes and aftershaves, even though they smell nice the reason that you probably picked them up is the fact that the shape of it looked very appealing to you

Something elegant and classic will always appear to the mature perfume lovers out there.

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