Are QR Codes Still Relevant to Use in 2019?

QR codes

QR Codes were set out to be one of the leading marketing tactics – connecting the online and offline world. However, they couldn’t reach their full potential and marketers were quite disappointed by the results. But some people kept using them for retail products and guess what? They finally made it through.

In 2019, a QR code generator with logo lets you customize your QR codes per your brand theme, add a logo, and track user activity. From traditional black and white squares, they’ve now become a crucial marketing strategy to compile effective campaigns.

QR Code Generator with Logo

QR code generators with logo are modern QR code generations to create visual QR Codes. With the best QR code generator you can change the colors, patterns, eyes, and even add a logo or picture to the code. There are two types of QR Codes i.e. static and dynamic.

  • Static QR Code: Once the information is saved in the QR code, it cannot be changed afterward.
  • Dynamic QR Code: The information saved in the QR code can be changed or modified multiple times. Not only this, but the user can also keep track of the total number of scans, the device type of the scanner, date/time of the scan, and even location of the scanner. Sounds fun, right?

With all this information, dynamic QR codes are helping business marketers determine which one of their products are dominating the market and the ones failing their brand.

Introduction in the different types of QR Codes

Retail is just a generic example of using QR codes for your business. In fact, QR codes can be used to share information in the following ways:

  • URL: Redirection to a website or landing page.
  • Wi-Fi: connect to Wi-Fi in one click! No need to ask for the password anymore!
  • Text: Additional information about a product.
  • Email: send an email with your request with a preset message.
  • Mp3: A success story, history, or even a song in a museum.
  • App Stores: Let users download an application following their device type.
  • Social Media: Like, comment, share, follow or add a person as a friend.
  • Multi URL: Using a single QR code to redirect different type of users to different URLs depending on the user’s location, this feature is great to add on your packaging.
  • VCard / business card QR code: To share personal information or portfolio through QR code printed on a business card
  • HTML 5: These QR codes allow you to generate an HTML5 page that appears straight after the scan.
  • PDF: if you want people to see a PDF after they scan, really easy!

Different Use Cases of QR Codes

After Asia, QR codes are now trending worldwide. Even multi-national companies are using them to engage more customer, generate leads, and improve their revenue. To sum it all, QR codes are now used for:

  • Payments: Restaurants, retail stores, and even educational institutes are printing them on receipts to receive payments.
  • Marketing: Marketers are printing them on posters, restaurant menu, webpages, and bus stops to create brand awareness.
  • Invitation Cards: People have started printing them on invitation cards – sharing the venue, location, and additional information.
  • Games: In China, business owners print special QR codes outside offices, on webpages, and promotional posters to let people play games and earn points – leading to promotional discounts, lucky draws, coupons, and more. Engagement of the consumer is a must.
  • Education: It’s easy to add QR code in an educational book; it’s a great tool that helps the student in his education, after scanning it could lead to a video, the answer or any other information.

These were just a few uses cases of using QR codes for your business. Letting users scan your QR codes for something in return is the best option. QRzebra is one an advanced QR code generator with logo that has many features that are named above.  In a nutshell, yes, QR codes are still relevant to use in 2019 and for sure will become even more important in 2020.

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