Are article writing services legal?


Recently, there has been a very public, highly political debate about the legality of essay writing services, with a strong focus on university rules and regulations. – Which says that the rules of the institutions under which students have to work. In particular, the issue of a good energy deal has been transformed into a punitive mentality – led by the University Standards Watchdog and echoed by the University Minister – in which students, before the fact, any kind of professional help list has been found to be fraudulent. In other words, it has been alleged that any student who uses the article writing website dishonestly uses the bidding services.


In addition to its vicious impressions of students, the apparent absence of this assumption is clearly misleading and yet unfortunate, but also highlights the kind of guessing logic in which the Establishment University system Feels, However, it is easy to say (although this is clearly ridiculous) that thousands of thousands of students in the UK are merely cheating rather than acknowledging the possibility of military problems in the education system. That students need more than they need. The students will be blamed for this. And then where will it land?

The process

So, instead of analyzing Sochi, we have suggestions for banning the website, blocking the URL, and other types of censorship alarms. Clearly, in the current context, questions of legitimacy are fundamentally dynamic. It would be virtually impossible to enforce a law that sought to prevent an independent person from buying a text, simply because no crime was being committed. Any right-wing legislator has realized this, and the current legal case of politicians and regulators has been decisively misrepresented.

Is it cheating?

The real issue here is not jurisprudence but ethics in nature. So, let’s focus on the main question. Is the article writing service cheating? The simple answer is no. The goal of a professional writing company is to provide model answers, in addition to some editorial and proof-reading services (which are not provided by the universities themselves but are especially encouraged in the case of students abroad). They are learning aids and their purpose is to help the student build their structure, not to replace it. This is made very clear on our website. It would only be deceptive if students tried to pass the answer to a model as their main task. It doesn’t matter where the answer to this model comes from because it is plagiarism, not a service we offer, condole, or promote.

The point is, fraud is a fraud. Anyone who wants to profit through fraud will find a way to do so. Of course, there are some people who misuse essay writing services. In any case, there will always be a minority who want to take shortcuts. This is the reality of human nature. But it is a requirement of life that we do not punish the innocent majority for the treatment of the helpless minority.


Since our own literature is quite clear, we are one hundred percent against theft. In this regard, we fully agree with the University Regulator. Fraud not only harms the academy but also protects itself from fraud. Students who steal from contexts deprive themselves of valuable opportunities to learn and grow – as scholars and individuals. As we have always maintained, essay writing is a challenging but extremely rewarding endeavor that is fundamental to the university experience. Just because some students need extra help mastering a complex and difficult skill doesn’t mean they should be stigmatized or punished. It does not miss the point that the legitimate articles of the essay writing site have been prepared, and more importantly, why they exist in the first place.


The fact is that many hardworking, honest students need help and guidance far beyond the resources of the university which highlights an important and clear vision: that there is a certain lack of quality in the education system. Undoubtedly, the same political and economic issues are arising under discussion, which necessarily affects the official line. Especially now that students have to take out loans to pay significant tuition fees, many people only need temporary jobs. The pressure to perform is greater than ever. Given the fact that the financial burden on students has increased so much in the last decade, one has to ask the question of rights, has the service provided by universities also increased so rapidly?

Need help

Given the problem with this law, it may be clear why some circles believe that the academy is flawless and that any student who needs extra help must be corrupt and that this unrecognizable system intended to deceive. Really, that would be a very simple political explanation. Now, however, as always, political convenience is a flawed alternative to an honest confrontation with reality.

People who need it

We know first-hand that many students are not just getting help, a lot of feelings are really lost and, obviously, ignored. As were, grist for the educational mill. In addition, we know that feedback from reviews and the many thank-you letters and phone calls we receive, from all background students who provide support through our services, have some resources available to guide them.

Last words

In the final analysis, the issue was never really about fraud. It has been much more complex and extensive than that. An essay writing service is just a tool. Just like any other device, it can be misused. It is worth repeating that writing skills do not come from heaven to anyone. It is cultivated with care and attention – and often with help. To differentiate between what is considered acceptable support and what really fails to consider the person who is seeking help in the first place. Not all people benefit from the same learning methods. Some people have come to appreciate the benefits of this novel which can give them a model answer. This is what we do. We provide guidance, mentorship, and support. We provide additional support that students are clearly in dire need of, yet failing to get anywhere else.

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