All You Need to Know About Thermal Imaging Camera and IR Camera Module


Thermal imaging cameras represent handheld electronic devices that come with an integrated visual display created for identifying heat energy. The main component of a thermal camera is a heat sensor attached to a set of lenses, which is designed to function concomitantly with standard image-capture technologies. This permits users to rapidly identify areas of excessive temperature sources, including overheating components or potential thermal insulation gaps. 

A thermal imaging camera module is a compact and lightweight IR solution that is easy to use and integrate into a system. It is created to match entirely mobile thermal imagining applications, and it can be easily integrated into all kinds of vehicles or automated ground machines. Overall, a thermal imagining camera module solution adapts easily to individual application requirements, and it can offer a wide array of advantages. 

What are the main applications of infrared camera modules?

A thermal imaging module serves a lot of purposes, including:

  • Industrial automation purposes for process control, and predictive maintenance;
  • Safety and security features that prevent potential accidents from occurring;
  • Automotive applications, as it can be used as a collision avoidance tool, along with situational awareness.

Besides, a thermal imaging camera module can provide benefits and features for several industries, as shown down below:

  • Accurate thermal imagining, along with non-contact measurement of temperature status;
  • Outstanding size-weight and performance ratio;
  • Little to no image lag;
  • Simple integration for several purposes, as it is a lightweight, and compact device;
  • Several configurations are available to suit any industry needs.

Where to get the most professional IR camera module?

Of course, the main challenge with thermal imaging camera modules is to identify a reliable distributor. We recommend you opt for one that has a vast experience in the field of IR camera modules, along with a broad portfolio of projects that used such technology for industrial applications.

Our choice is the product available at Dali Technology, the SD/SC series mini infrared camera modules. It is a professional radiometric module with an uncooled array detector that is able to output thermal imaging temperatures via an SPI interface. Overall, it is easy to implement in any organization due to its compatibility with MCUs. Its main advantage is its compact, and small size, while its competitive price makes it the best solution for thermal imaging camera modules. This IR camera module can be used for industrial purposes, on-line temperature monitor, or as a hand-held tool. The thermal camera module at Dali Technology has as its main features:

  • Lightweight, compact and small dimensions, which allows easy usage and monitoring;
  • Low power consumption, which ultimately lowers unnecessary energy usage within an organization;
  • Competitive price, as its overall cost will be absorbed in time;
  • A broad spectrum of applications for this thermal camera module, including industrial environments, fire alarm monitoring or people counting;
  • Professional uncooled microbolometer array sensor with outstanding accuracy;
  • Various work temperatures depending on the type of product you opt for from the SD/SC series;
  • Top-notch f 3.85mm lens that allows extreme precision for data reading.

Anyway, a thermal imaging camera module is a handy tool that every organization must have in place, primarily if they work with specific temperature requirements. This type of device allows easy monitoring and managing of temperature fluctuations, which in turn improves an organization’s performance and compliance to regulations. 

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