Alex Dee Discusses How to Come Up with Ideas Hack

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This works for all businesses! If you’re in marketing, consulting, or coaching, this applies even more to your field!

Write it Down Quick Hack  Alex Dee – Whenever you have an idea it is very quick to come into your brain and leave. Make sure you have a note section on your phone called ideas, and every time you have a new idea, jot it down. Jot it down regardless of how idiotic or crazy you think the idea is. You never know when that idea may serve you again in the future, or when you might have the ability to implement it or share it with someone who you can collaborate with or give the idea to someone who could run with it. That’s the difference between those who come up with an idea and make money from it and those who say, oh yeah, I had that idea a few years ago and I wish I would’ve taken action like the guy who you’re now watching on the infomercial! This is the hack for that! Write it down in notes section of your phone and label it “Ideas!” Once you start doing that, then before any big meeting or event, review all the ideas so they’re fresh on your mind so if opportunity strikes, you can bring it up and see if there’s a collaboration where that idea can come to fruition!

Practice your Ideas Muscle Hack  James Altucher -How to come up with ideas – People always tell me that they’re not really good at anything, and they always ask me “how do you come with great ideas for businesses?” Well, it’s really like a muscle, so you have to practice it. If you’re at a job all the time and then on Sunday you try to think of ideas, you’re going to have a really hard time doing that because you haven’t exercised that part of your brain that comes up with ideas, your idea muscle. So, what I did is I went and got all these legal pads, like $.10 a pad, and every day I would write down 10 ideas. Any time I’m having an idea, it could be about a business, it could be about resources, or ideas for somebody else to have success that concern them. 

At the beginning, I was having terrible ideas because I had to practice that ideas muscle. Like Stephen King said when his leg was broken and couldn’t walk on it for like three weeks; his legs had atrophy which made it hard for him to even start walking again because he hadn’t been walking for three weeks. It’s the same thing with the idea muscle, you have to practice the ability to come up with ideas. I started practicing this every day! What they were and what I was going to do with them didn’t matter. I would be like, I that idea, and then the more and more I did it the more I got my brain used to becoming creative and coming up with ideas. That’s something that you can do that will help you spark ideas. If you’re not good at coming up with ideas, it’s okay! I sucked at it too. Know this is a skillset you can develop.  Anyone can become good it, and as you build your idea muscle, you’ll become an idea machine!

Schedule your Creativity Hack – Daniel Ek – owner of Spotify – Key to sparking creativity – I don’t do social calls. For many people, you’re beholden to this social thing, if I don’t show up, someone is going to be sad. I’m just pretty ruthless in prioritizing. What I tell my friends is, I like to be invited, but I probably won’t come.

Sure, that sounds cold, but it’s really about maintaining focus. Would I like to be going to bars or out to dinner every night, or sitting on the phone all night, every night?

 Of course I would, we’re social creatures. But that’s not the smart way to handle life and move forward with our careers. It’s not a personal thing. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy your company. It just means that I’m focusing on something.

People think that creativity is this free spirit that has no boundaries. No, actually the most creative people in the world schedule their creativity. If you’re really, really focused, those are the times when the breakthroughs come. I might go for three days and not sleep because I’m focused in that moment. Being able to focus and not allow distractions is an important part of any creative task, and concentration in general. Friendships and social situations are important, but don’t let obligations get in the way of your goals. Focus on your needs and your hopes for yourself and there’s no telling how far you can go! 

How to Turn Ideas into Execution – James Altucher – how to turn ideas into execution – Once you come up with ideas, what you want to do is break it into a subsection of other ideas in order to execute. Some people tell me, “you know it really matters that you execute once you have an idea.” I agree, but what is execution other than a subset of ideas that you come up with on how to have a strategy for those first ideas? So, every day I’m coming up with an idea. The next day I’m coming up with a sub section of 10 other ideas that I can execute to make us those ideas work. Within a short period of time you’re going to know whether those ideas are going to work or not if you work on executing on them!

Ranking Ideas Hack  Marc Benioff, Founder of Salesforce – How to get ideas and implement only the ones that you know your clients would want and buy – One of the things that has led to us being able to accelerate ideas into execution and what ideas we should execute on is when we came up with a software that allowed us to ask questions from our clients. Then, based on their feedback and the number people who responded, we rank those ideas in order for what they would like to see the most, to what we would like to see the least. This allowed us to do two things:One, we get to test only what we think is important from the problems the clients are dealing with and then telling us what they would like to get done. Two, we have customers buying that one feature or product that was added, that would not only help them, but they would become an advocate for it and to use it. To give you an example, we had a client who said, “hey, we’re in the hospital administration, is there any way we can make the tabs on our contract manager where it doesn’t say contacts, we can just label the tab.” We were thinking, well it doesn’t matter what they need the tabs labeled, because everybody would just be contacts, wouldn’t they? But apparently this particular client wanted to have open tabs where he could label some of the fields. So, we decided to go back to our client base and see who else would be interested in this feature, and sure enough we received a lot of feedback that people would love to have this feature added. So much so that when we rank that on ideas to implement, we had most of our clients put that as the number one feature to add! So, this became our new feature which we hadn’t even thought about implementing. But after our clients came back and told us it was that important to them, it became the number one priority and we got it done.

The great part about this is, once you start your business adventure, you can take all the guesswork off the shelf on your end and throw it back to your customers because they will tell you what they need and demand. And then if you have a way of prioritizing those ideas, your clients will give you over 1,000 ideas and you can HAVE THEM rank it based on what they feel is the most important, and then you can start implement, starting with the top 3! You turn a customer into a raving fan and someone who knows you listen to their problems and are looking to solve them. This is by far one of the best idea hacks, which we call intelligent reaction because you will get so many ideas and be able to rank those ideas into priority and your customers will be doing most of the work for you.

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