9 Amazing Facts About F1 Race

F1 race

When we think of an elite motorsports Formula 1 racing immediately comes to our minds. It is always very exciting to watch F1 racing and watching it live in a racing circuit is an unforgettable experience. If you have experienced it yet you can grab F1 tickets and get this lifetime experience.

In this elite motorsport, the best racers in the world have been racing for decades. This elite motorsport requires both the physical and mental fitness of the racer.

Here are some amazing facts about F1 racers that you may not have known before.

1. Winning Surname

All the racers who entered Formula One with the Hill surname have become world champions. The world champion’s title was won by Graham, Damon, and Phil.

2. F1 Diet

Do you know that a Formula One racer loses up to four pounds during a race alone? The racer who loses 4% of their body weight may also be reduced.

3. Doping Control also in F1

Just like other professional athletes and sportsmen, Formula One racers are subject to regular doping control tests.

4. Super License

It is required for every racer to obtain a super FIA license before racing in Formula 1.

5. Start Number

Every F1 racer is required to choose the number they need to race for the rest of their careers before their first Formula 1 race. They have to win the world championship as only the current World Champion can change the figure.

6. Formula 1 Took 45 Lives

There are 45 lives taken by Forumul one racing so far in the history of this motorsport.

7. Single Woman with the Point

Only one woman in the history so far has managed to win points in the Formula 1 GP race. The woman was Lella Lombardi the Italian driver of the year 1975 who ended the race for the GP of Spain in 6th place and won half a point.

8. Rich and zealous

Despite being an elite sport the difference between annual income of the winners and losers is very huge. Winner earn millions of Euros every year while the poorest have to settle for something in a few hundred thousands.

9. The United Kingdom and F1

Great Britain has one most Formula 1 World Championships. They have won ten world cups.

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