8 Tips to Buy Your First Car After Getting a Driving License


Buying a first car could be one of the dreams that usually a young individual has. Whether a person saved up for it or takes a loan from a bank, it is something that one can never forget when it comes to buying a new car after getting a driving license. EZlicence is a sort of a test that a person would probably start thinking about purchasing their first car.

Initially, a person would probably think about how much he or she can afford to have a zero meter car. For buying a new car, you would think about its price first and would also want to consider other factors that you would need to fulfill once you purchase it. You need to do research initially to know what you are buying.

It is always a good idea to purchase a zero meter vehicle because it will not give you a headache later while buying a second-hand car may give you a lot of reasons to sell it later. Here you can find out some of the tips that make you select your first car after getting a driving license:

1. Researching for your very first vehicle 

When you are capable of spending money on your first car or whether it may be a gift from your parents, you first need to find out which model and company is selling the best cars. Choosing the first car would be a very difficult task for you after getting your driving license. You also need to compare a few things related to the car parts and its reliability.

2. Budget

Here you need to find out if the car you are purchasing is in your budget or not. Secondly, you need to see if you are looking for a used car or a zero meter one because both have their own benefits, but only a used car can have disadvantages. You need to look at whether you are financing the car or your mom and dad, helping you to pay for your first vehicle. Once you set your budget, you probably need to stick with it.

3. Find the right deal

Once you have analyzed the attributes, your work is to look for the best deal in purchasing your first vehicle. If you don’t know how to deal with the dealer, you should take your friend or someone you know who have a better understanding of the cars and can guide you in a better way.

4. Compare

Now that you find a bit about what you are exactly looking for, you will want a car that fits into the bill that you researched about from three to five different manufacturers. You need to make a list of all details technically, and then you need to compare them. This is how you can make your criteria for purchasing a new car.

5. Drive within your means

Now when you buy your first new car, you will want to explore it whether by going to a nearby shop or by going to a long drive. Be careful while driving as it will be your first time to take a drive in your car. Once you have gained experience or once you took a lot of drive, you will be known as a much safer driver.

6. Checking things over

If you are planning to buy yourself a first new car, you should look for the law and warranty which shouldn’t go wrong. On the other hand, it would be a great idea to give your car a visual check before you drive it off the lot. The main reason for visual check is to see whether your car is in a new condition or not and if you see any scratch or ding you should inform the company about it. Once, you reach home, and you find out scratch or ding on the car, then it will be quite difficult for you to prove it to the company.

7. Take it for a drive

If you think that you are satisfied with purchasing the car, you need to take your car to a test drive. If the dealer doesn’t want you to drive a car that you want to purchase, you should simply walk away and look for another dealer. You need to keep a check on the engine to see if it is cold before you start. You need to check this because if the engine has been warmed, it could be hiding lots of problems in the car. As you see the new dealer and once he allows you to test a drive, you should test the clutch, high-speed driving. You must see for the brakes, smooth gear shifts and steering wheel vibrations.

8. How to haggle

You need to get an idea of what you should pay for the car. You need to find car valuation tools online as well as guides from car magazines. Ensure that you have gained enough information before purchasing your car. Make sure you shouldn’t spend much amount more than your budget. Ensure that spending extra on your car can make you feel bankrupt too, so you need to be careful while spending if you are buying from your own hard-earned money.

Bonus Tip

Many new drivers may result in unintentional traffic violations. Sometimes it is not their fault. In such a scenario, it’s best to find a traffic ticket lawyer that can fight your ticket, dismiss your ticket, and appear in court on your behalf.

The Final Word

Choose a car that makes your heart skip a bit. Don’t ever try to go for a used car since it has its disadvantages. Hopefully, this first car purchasing after getting a driving license will help you select the right car. You should remember that the main part of running costs will be tax and insurance and it is always a great way to deal with all these issues while dealing it with the company or a dealer. If you find out issues while driving the car, then you can ask the dealer about it.

The dealer might show you a different car that shouldn’t have any problems in it. Buying your car can give you a lot of experience at first, but once you buy it, you will feel like your wish has come true where you can enjoy driving. Once you pay it, you might find it overpriced later. Purchase a car that is capable of performing all functions you would expect from it. Remember that dealers aren’t always liable for any kind of damage you make that can be caused through misuse or accident. Once a new car has a dent, it would not be a new one again, and its reselling price will go down in a few months.

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