8 Clear Signs That Show It’s Time to See a Chiropractor

Time to See a Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor offers plenty of benefits that can help improve your physical and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, many people see a chiropractor when the pain has escalated and they can no longer put up with the pain symptoms. But visiting a chiropractor early can help prevent something terrible from happening. 

So who is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor diagnoses and treats many different spinal disorders that cause musculoskeletal pain or nerve pain. He or she will perform a physical or neurological examination to make an accurate diagnosis. A chiropractor can relieve pain and even improve function without prescribing surgery or drugs. 

They achieve that by manipulating or adjusting your spine or any other part of the body to put them in the right position. Other than relieving pain, a South Austin chiropractor can also help to restore your range of motion and improve your flexibility. 

Signs that show you should see a chiropractor

Here are some of the clear signs that show it’s time to see a chiropractor.

1. Chronic lower back pain

Many people have at some point experienced some sort of back pain. There are many causes of lower back pain, including lifting heavy objects, bad posture, a wrong movement, minor sports injury, and so much more. These reasons can cause severe pain but the pain can go away in a few days or weeks. 

Chronic pain, on the other hand, doesn’t go away; it usually gets worse. If you have pain that has lasted for more than five months, you should see a chiropractor. Pain is nature’s way of telling you that something is not well with your body. Chiropractors have experience treating back pain. They will provide you with pain relief without the need for drugs or invasive surgery.

2. When you experience joint and muscle pain

If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of the painkillers out of your medicine cabinet. The pain in your joints or muscles could be due to issues with musculoskeletal alignment. Joint pain can be an indication of rheumatoid arthritis or even bone cancer. By visiting a chiropractor, you will not only be able to relieve the pain, but you will also get the chance to prevent any serious sickness. A chiropractor has the necessary training, so he or she will help to improve your body’s functionality by using spinal manipulations to alleviate pain in your muscles and joints. 

3. Frequent headaches

Many factors can cause headaches, including dehydration, malnutrition, oxygen deprivation, etc. However, headaches can also be caused by a misalignment in the spine or neck. That’s why when you experience frequent headaches; you need to see a chiropractor. He or she will perform a gentle neck manipulation to help correct these misalignments. This will improve the blood flow and ensure that you get enough oxygen supply to your brain, thus eliminating your frequent headaches. The chiropractor will even recommend a diet that can help you improve your overall health. 

4. Persistent neck pain

One of the top factors that can lead to neck pain is a poor lifestyle, which can lead to headaches. For neck pains, you can use ice packs or a firm pillow to relieve the pain. But if the pain persists, it could be a sign that you should see a chiropractor. A chiropractor will offer safe and effective different treatments, including gentle spinal manipulation, stretching exercises, and lifestyle advice.

5. Limited range of motion

If you notice that suddenly your arms and legs are not as flexible as they used to be, or your neck doesn’t turn as it used to, this could be a clear sign that you should see a chiropractor as soon as possible. A chiropractor will use techniques such as adjustments to realign your bones and joints, hence relieving your pain and increasing your body’s range of motion. Your body tends to function optimally if you have a normal range of motion. 

6. You have been in a car accident

This is also another reason that should prompt you to see a chiropractor. Whether you have been involved in a minor or major accident, you should see a chiropractor. You may have sustained an injury during the accident which may not show up immediately, but will get worse with time. Additionally, some of these chiropractors specialize in auto accident injuries, and so they can diagnose and treat an array of different injuries. So even if you feel that you did not sustain any injury in the car accident, it is still a good idea to see a South Austin chiropractor just to be sure that everything is fine. 

7. Footwear

Another clear sign that shows that it’s time to see a chiropractor is how your shoes wear out. If your footwear doesn’t wear out evenly; for instance, one heel wearing out quickly or slower than the other, you could be having an alignment problem. A chiropractic spinal manipulation can help to realign your spine to ensure that the problem doesn’t escalate and cause a serious health issue.

8. Sharp shooting pain in your legs

If you experience a sharp pain shooting down your leg, you could be having a pinched nerve or slipped disc. By visiting a trained chiropractor, he or she will diagnose the cause of the pain in your leg and perform a spinal adjustment to relieve the unnecessary pressure that is being placed on the nerve and causing the pain. 


There are so many signs that could indicate that you should see a chiropractor. Other than the above signs, you can also see a chiropractor if you want to live a healthier life. Your chiropractor can be a great source of information on how best you can take care of yourself. He or she will offer you nutritional guidance, exercise routines, and even certain techniques to help you live a stress-free life. Remember not to hesitate to visit a chiropractor when you see any of the above signs. Seeing a chiropractor in time can help to prevent a health problem from turning into a chronic issue.

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