7 Must-have Items for a Perfect Cool Travel

As a tourist in the 21st century, do you still travel in a traditional way? Catching buses to a strange city, settling down in an average hostel, and sightseeing in the attractions… If yes, you have been left behind by the trend. People nowadays tend to plan those cool travel without even paying a visit to the place. If you didn’t risk to go to such a destination yet, the devices mentioned below, including the smartphone video stabilizer, would help you in another way to form a perfect cool trip.

NO.1 Sun and Cloud Self-generating Compact Digital Camera

When we are traveling in high spirits of taking photos of our friends, it is disappointing that the camera suddenly run out of power. If you take Sun and Cloud, you will never see the above situation. The solar, USB and hand charging modes provided by Sun and Cloud can ensure full power. As long as you shake it manually for one minute, you can take 7 to 8 photos at least. Besides taking pictures, Sun and Cloud can also record videos.

NO.2 Leano Portable Reclining Chair

The Leano reclining chair is made up of three sticks and a piece of cloth. It is light in weight. For users who like outdoor recreation, travel, hiking, and mountain climbing, Leano can take you free. It can bring you a comfortable sitting posture, whether for a nap or an extended sitting. It only requires a few simple steps and is convenient to use.

NO.3 Portable Ultrasound Dolfi Washer

How can you deal with your clothes when traveling? Do you save trouble by buying wash-free underwear and socks directly, or do you wash them yourself with perseverance? Dolfi is a small electric washer. It shocks the dirt off the clothes by way of ultrasound. It takes only half an hour to wash the dirty socks. It saves you the need to clean, preventing you from worrying about the rubbing of the important suit shirt. The Washer seems to be a good helper for travelers.

NO.4 Foldable Travel Electric Hot Water Bottle

Its main body is made of special heat-resistant plastic, so even if the water in the pot is heated to the boiling point, the pot body does not burn your hands. The magnetic elements are also embedded in the main body and the power base, which makes the kettle body and the power supply more convenient when combined and ensures the safety in use. But its most powerful function is, of course, the lightweight folding function. After folding, Novel can even be carried around in trousers pockets. It can be used not only in household sockets but also in automobile sockets and outdoor solar sockets.

NO.5 Creative Travel Dental Toothbrush Holder

Designed for frequent travelers and business travelers, this extraordinary creative dental product will absolutely refresh your ears. Transparent little things wrap the brush part of the toothbrush like blood droplets and will never penetrate through a bit of dust and impurities.

NO.6 Ray Solar Charger

Ray is a small electronic accessory and a portable solar charger. The suckers around the solar panels allow Ray to attach to windows and airplane portholes easily, and the tilted scaffolding design will enable it to capture sunlight on the desktop, release collected energy through USB ports, and have a built-in battery, so it can still be used on cloudy days or nights.

NO.7 ZHIYUN Smartphone Video Stabilizer This little device helps you to be free of capturing every memorable moment of your travel. No matter you would like to make a simple VLOG or up-scale micro-movie, the video stabilizer could render tremendous help in keeping the camera or mobile in balance. By the way, it could achieve special effects like angel shifting, Hitchcock-style filming. ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q2 is here to provide the perfect usage for you.

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