7 Ingredients to Create The Perfect Landing Page

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Landing pages are one of the most crucial elements of your website marketing campaign. Most of the water damage marketing companies improve your landing page in order to increase your sales. The page is essentially the first chance you will get to make an impression on your targeted traffic. You want to make sure you make a good impression.

When it comes to conversion optimization, one important step is to show your website to the user in such a way that it attracts them to dig deeper into your site. It isn’t impossible to create a perfect landing page; all you have to do is ensure you have the right ingredients in the process of web development.

This entails:

  • Powerful headlines
  • Social networking
  • Creating calls to action
  • Analytics
  • Having the right copy
  • Mobile optimization

To connect with the targeted audience, you would have to nail the landing page for the website because you would not want them to leave your website after looking at the landing page and not finding it intriguing.

By making use of these ingredients you can surely make an effective and efficient landing page that can turn the website viewers into paying customers. 

The 7 Ingredients

1.A powerful and consistent headline

The headline should immediately grab the visitor’s attention.

It should be able to lure them to read the content present on the page, keeping them interested in it.

2.Build trust with social proof

In this day and age, if you are not able to provide social proof to support your offer and back what you are selling. In simple words, a landing page is like an advertisement, for others to build trust in your offers, you would need to show-cast their videos, quotes or even comments in social media

3. Put your copy on a leash

If we take twitter’s example, it’s great because it forces one’s ideas to be conveyed concisely. The copy present on the landing page should not be contradicting the headline and it should outline benefits and address the common objections. It would be best to keep it short while still making your point to the visitor. You can provide the explanation later on after people start to gain interest in your offer.

4. Use a direct call to action

It is necessary to avoid terms like “submit” while encouraging them to get on board with the program because they are dry and might create a bad impression on the client as they might think that there was little to no effort put in while making the landing page. It would also be a very half-hearted attempt to try to convince them to join your program. Rather, it would be best for you to use anyone or even both of the following keywords;

  • ‘Get Started Now’
  • ‘Join Us Today’

5. Optimize the page for fast loading & Mobile

Website speed does not only affect search engine ranking but it also affects the people who visit the landing page. Nowadays, people are so used to everything on the internet being so fast and smooth that if they visit your landing page and they encounter some issues regarding the speed they would most likely leave the page. It is equally important for your landing page to have a mobile version because surveys show that the majority of the traffic on the internet is through mobile devices.

6. Measure and optimize conversions with Analytics

It’s essential for you to measure how the visitors on your website interact with your landing page. The lessons learned from these analytical results can be the difference between an ‘okay’ landing page and an amazing landing page.

7. Keep it simple

You may be tempted to include all the explanations about your offer or product on the landing page but that would not be a wise thing to do as it will only confuse the reader with too much information and it might become overwhelming for them to process all the information at once.

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