7 Benefits of Using Android Portable Projector


If you enjoy watching movies or tv series, you most likely will find this article quite useful. We’ve compelled a list with all you need to know about an Android Tv portable projector, along with two recommendations about the best products on the market. Thus, let’s see what’s this all about, and why do you need to buy today an Android TV portable projector. 

What is an Android TV portable projector?

An Android projector functions similarly to any other type of projector, with the sole distinction that it has Android as software for its operating system. It works just like your smartphone, and as soon as you connected the device to the internet, you can install several apps meant to offer you access to videos. 

What are the advantages of using an Android TV portable projector?

#1 Portability

Such projectors are lightweight and easy to use on the go. Therefore, you can use them anywhere, and you are not limited to at-home usage. Having an Android TV portable projector can get you access to your favorite form of entertainment at all times.

#2 Up-to-date projector technology

An Android TV portable projector is usually designed with the latest tech. This means you will benefit from a longer lifespan and qualitative projections. Overall, purchasing an Android Tv portable projector represents a long-term investment. 

#3 Access to a wide array of apps

Several Android Tv projector apps are available, which enable functions such as voice commands, or movie streaming. 

What are the best Android TV projectors?

We’ve analyzed the options available on the market today, and came up with two most wanted and most professional portable projectors. These are distributed by XGIMI, a manufacturer that focuses on creating innovative products with the aid of the most qualitative materials. And they won several prizes due to the efficacy of their portable products, which makes them the go-to manufacturer for Android TV portable projectors. 

#1 Mogo Android TV portable projector

XGIMI stands out due to the Mogo range of Android portable projectors. The XGIMI Mogo comes with several features, such as:

  • The highest bar for portable projectors you will ever find on the market;
  • The top-notch resolution, consisting of 210 ANSI Lumens and 540P resolution;
  • Access to more than 4000+ apps for Android via Google Play Store or Google Assistant;
  • Broad support for Android TV, Youtube, Hulu, and many other apps created for video streaming;
  • High battery lifespan of up to four hours of continuous playtime;
  • Good CPU, an AMlogic T950x2, along with a RAM of 2GB, and a ROM of 16 GB.

Overall the Mogo Android TV portable projector is a reliable and well-designed device that offers you all you might need in terms of entertainment. You can even listen to your favorite music or play an interactive game with your friends. 

#2 Mogo PRO Android TV portable projector

And if you want even more performance, you can switch to the improved Mogo PRO, which offers an additional set of features. These include:

  • Full HD image with 1080P FHD 300 ANSI Lumens, which gets you access to a more precise image when compared with basic TV projectors;
  • Compatibility with either 2K or 4K resolutions;
  • High battery lifespan of up to four hours playtime;
  • Lightweight and fashionable design with built-in Harman speakers.

Still, no matter which one of the Mogo products you will choose, you will be able to enjoy the best entertainment experience on-the-go. XGIMI is a manufacturer that designed its products with great attention to details while getting its inspiration for product features from common customer behaviors. This is why with Mogo Android TV portable projector, you can watch movies, play games, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy an outstanding performance. 

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