6 Tips for Keeping Mice and Rats out of Your Home


If your rodent elimination process is not working or taking too much time and you want to speed up the process then these six time-tested principles will help you maximize your efforts. These principles have been provided by the experts providing the best rat control services.

Step 1: Choose the right product for the job

There are thousands of products available out there for rat and rodent elimination. Different products offer different benefits. You need to choose products like baits traps boards and other effective rodent control tools. These tools provide you with a completely comprehensive system for tackling even the toughest rodent problems.

Step 2: Place products where rodents travel

You need to wisely place bait or traps wherever rats or mice travel. Usually, you should place these products next to walls or anywhere you’ve seen droppings nesting materials gnaw marks or other signs of rodents.

It’s important to note that rodents are climbers and may also be scurrying along pipes beams or false ceilings. Glue traps can be a helpful tool for tracking rodent activity set them in a wide variety of areas to help confirm where the mice are traveling on a regular basis. Always place rodent control products out of the reach of children and dogs.

Step 3: Place enough products to do the job

Make sure to place enough bait or traps to get rid of all rodents otherwise they will reproduce and another infestation will occur.

Step 4: Label instructions

You need to label useful information on bait or trap placement. Make sure you take all the safety precautions.

Step 5: Always secure bait safely in bait stations

Many companies offer stations that have been tested and proven tamper-resistant for kids and dogs and are available in both disposable and refillable options. However, it is still safest to place all rodent control products in areas where they’re not accessible to children or pets.

Step 6: Eliminate rodent friendly conditions

Wherever possible you can reduce the chances of having a severe or persistent rodent problem by performing rodent-proofing measures such as plugging holes where mice rats are entering your home. Also, remove the rodents’ access to food and water. Store food and pet food in containers and get rid of clutter in the trouble spots.

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