5 Ways to Improve Sales at Your Magento Store


Everyone selling online wants more sales. The process of getting them can be fraught with difficulty, however. Without a doubt, you’ve certainly put plenty of time, effort and marketing money into promoting your Magento store. Hopefully, the results have been solid. Along the way, though, you can make the most of your marketing spend and your hard work by adding these five proven methods to your to-do list. The end results will result in you acquiring more customers, increasing the average order value (AOV) and improving long-term retention.

Integrate Remarketing

If you’re using PPC, like Google Ads, or social ads, to market your Magento store, then you need to take the next step. Remarketing commonly referred to as retargeting is one of the best ways to capitalize on lost sales and cart abandonment. Did you know that remarketing has a 70% conversion rate and a 10x conversion value over standard display ads? Using services like Ad Roll or Outbrain, you can reach customers after they’ve bounced away from your website to earn valuable second-chance sales.

Maximize Social Exposure

Social media is the newest form of viral marketing. If you’re not yet considering using influencers, a variety of web services can connect you to the top dogs. Look online to places like Simpli, 360i, WPromote and others to tap into growing collectives of today’s leading social influencers. Use these marketers to improve your ad campaigns exponentially and to earmark a massive ROI increase for each social campaign you launch.

Use Quality Product Images

According to online sales experts at Cactimedia, images can make or break a buyer’s purchase decision. You must use high quality and fast loading images on your website. Make sure you hire professional photo editing services in order to remove extra things from the images and enhance their quality. Good quality images will not only engage users but also it will improve the conversion rates on your website.

Tap into Video Ads

If a picture is worth one thousand words, video is worth a million. By supercharging your eCommerce marketing campaign with video ads, you will be able to attract new consumers with expanded reach. Popular services like Steel House and Taboola enable you to disseminate attractive video ads as well as the most prominent social media sites. What’s more, services like Render Forest and WeVideo can help you create stunning video ads that appeal to your direct target market.

Take Advantage of CRM

Driving traffic to your online store will assuredly result in you acquiring new customers. But what you do with these relationships after the fact will mean the difference between long-term retention and repeat sales cycles with your existing and new customers. This is where Magento CRM can help. Newer solutions enable you to tap into the customer journey and build stronger relationships from day one. Doing so is a vital element to you retaining the customers you’ve worked so hard to attract.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it has a higher ROI than almost any other form of marketing because email marketing is going out directly to your opt-in subscriber list (which already knows and trusts your brand). By using services like Constant Contact or MailChimp, you can make the most of your marketing messages with attractive templates that resonate with your customers, and real-time reporting as well as click segmentation that helps you track the results of your efforts.

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