5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gare de Lyon

gare de lyon

Many know that the Gare de Lyon is one of the main train stations used for travel in and out of Paris. But there is a lot you may not know about this grandiose station.

Read on to discover five things you didn’t know about the Gare de Lyon.

1. The Building is Extravagant

Even if you don’t need to use the Gare de Lyon for travel in and out of Paris, it is well worth going to see for its architecture alone. Originally built for the World Exposition in 1900, this amazing building is equipped with a gorgeous interior, an enormous clock tower, and an extravagant exterior. Like many buildings in the city, a walk around this historic train station is like taking a step back in time to an elegant era of Paris.

2. The Big Ben Bar

If you need to use the Gare de Lyon as a part of your trip to Paris, you may want to know about the Big Ben Bar. Train stations can be busy and overwhelming, and this lovely bar is situated away from all of the clutter and bustle of the main terminal. Providing you with a peaceful getaway to have a drink and prepare to continue on your journey.

3. Le Train Bleu

Did you know that this train station also has one of the most infamous fine dining experiences in all of Paris? Le Train Bleu is an extravagant fine dining experience. From delicious French cuisine to the over-the-top decor of rich blues and gold fixtures, having a meal in this restaurant can make you feel like you are dining with royalty.

4. Close Proximity to Iconic Spots

On top of being a practical and enjoyable place to be, the Gare de Lyon is also within walkable proximity to many of Paris’ must-see attractions. From supermarkets to botanical gardens, you could fill up a whole day and never fully leave the proximity of this majestic train station.


Do you need to stock up for your time in Paris? Or maybe for your train ride home? If so, you are in luck. Just a mile or so away from the Gare de Lyon is a Monoprix supermarket where you can find everything you may need. Stock up on groceries, wine, and anything else you could need for your journey.

Jardin des Plantes

After just a short walk across the river, you can find yourself in the gorgeous Jardin des Plantes. Paris’ own 23-hectare botanical garden. In this garden, you can find exotic flowers, smooth walking paths, statues, and trickling fountains. If that is not enough, you can scratch your itch to explore by making your way into the rose garden, natural history museum, winter garden, or zoo.

Coulee Verte Rene-Dumont

Maybe you just arrived in Paris, and your travel day was a rough and stressful one, and the last thing you want to do is continue to your room and start hitting all of the sights. You wouldn’t be alone. This happens to people all the time, and the best thing to do is head over to the Coulee Verte Rene-Dumont. This quiet park is just a block or so away from the Gare de Lyon and the perfect place to rest and gain energy for the next step in your travels.

La Bastille

For many people, when they arrive in Paris, the first thing they want to do is begin seeing historic sights. If this sounds like you, then you should head over to the Place de la Bastille. Here you will find the spot where the famous prison Bastille once stood, among many other memorials to Paris’ rich history.

The Seine

While you are walking to these infamous landmarks, you will more than likely come across the Seine. This famous walkway takes you along the river and past many of Paris’ noteworthy spots. It’s not a trip to Paris until you have walked on it.

5. Luggage Storage

One of the biggest struggles of traveling through a station like the Gare de Lyon is that there is so much to see, but you often have too much luggage with you to go see it. After all, who wants to carry their luggage all over Paris? But did you know about the luggage storage in Gare de Lyon? Inside the station, you can drop your bags off so you can be free to explore, or at least enjoy a meal at le Train Bleu without having your luggage right next to the table.

The Takeaway

The Gare de Lyon is so much more than just a train station. Here you can find fine dining, peaceful lounges, and luggage storage facilities, as well as close proximity to many must-see attractions. So now that you know, be sure to stop by next time you are in the wonderful city of Paris.

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