5 Reasons You Should Fall in Love with SEO

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If your business has an online presence, then you know the importance of SEO. Ranking high on search engines is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Which is why SEO is considered the “king” of online marketing tactics.

But not many business owners take the time to learn it. Instead, they outsource the work to agencies like Digital Beverly Marketing Solutions in hopes for the results they seek. While this yields results, it leaves the business reliant on another. Learning to love SEO can help you achieve the results you want and be in complete control of online marketing for your business.

Reason 1: It gets you the results you want

The aim of any SEO strategy is to ultimately rank on the first page of search engines and eventually as the top result. A task which is harder to achieve than most think. Which means you need to spend quite some time working on your SEO strategy. From content marketing, link building, web development, to social media marketing. You will need to be on top of everything to improve your site’s ranking.

With so much competition online and different marketing mediums to work on, the process will require a lot of effort. But at the same time, it yields results like no other tactic. Google gets over 2 billion searches on a daily basis which shows how reliant users are on the platform to help them get the information they want. Users barely look past the top 3 search results. Therefore, if you want to drive traffic your way, SEO is your best bet.

Reason 2: Ensures your website is user-friendly

A major factor in ranking higher on search engines is to ensure your website is user-friendly. SEO is more than keyword-usage and content. Google has set numerous ranking algorithm that revolve around user experience. It takes factors such as design, site load time, relevant and informative content, and site navigation into account when ranking pages. The easier it is for users to get the information they need and the longer they stay on your site and navigate through it, the better the ranking the site has.

In ensuring you meet SEO-standards, you will make your site more user-friendly. This will impact how long users stay on the site and should result in more leads and sales.

Reason 3: Get ahead of the competition

Two online businesses offer a product at the same price. One is optimized for search engine while the other isn’t. Which one do you think will generate more business, the optimized site of course. By ranking higher than the competition on search results, the optimized site will generate more traffic which will help it convert more customers.

Think about it, the last time you searched for a product you know you need, you likely clicked on the first site that appeared in your Google search result and went with it. Why not make sure that site is yours for users that need your product?

Reason 4: SEO is constantly changing

This may not seem like a reason to love SEO, but if you don’t love it then it would be hard for you to keep up with changes that occur. Therefore, to always be on top of your SEO game, you need to love it.

Google is constantly introducing changes within its ranking algorithms. These changes come about so Google can ensure that the site displayed on top of search results actually belong there. For example, previously websites could get away with plagiarized content but now Google penalizes site’s that use them. Similarly, mobile optimization wasn’t a part of ranking algorithm 5 years ago but now are with more searchers using mobile devices.

To stay constantly up to date with such changes in SEO, you will need to love and give the processing time. Otherwise, your business will lag behind.

Reason 5: It will save you money

Taking SEO on yourself will end up saving you more money. SEO itself is an affordable, organic method of generating traffic. It also has a high return on investment, you may not even need to invest a whole lot. Most businesses today focus on blog posts, social media marketing, and ensuring their website is user-friendly. All things that can be done on your own without much investment. So taking the task on yourself will reduce your marketing cost exponentially.

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